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Author Topic: Washington's Encampment 2008 UPDATE!  (Read 8432 times)

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Washington's Encampment 2008 UPDATE!
« on: January 26, 2008, 10:26:36 AM »
The Allegheny Foothills Historical Society is proud to announce that Washington's Encampment is progressing nicely! We have nearly 100 reenactors committed already!  We are still looking for many more.  We have received local support and funding to ensure a QUALITY event. 
Registration forms are available at click on Washington's Encampment for the most up to date information!
Here are more of the details!

Washington?s Encampment
250th Anniversary
October 3-6, 2008

In late November, the year 1758, a large army under the command of General John Forbes marched across the frontier wilderness to displace the French at the Forks of the Ohio where Fort DuQuesne stood. It was during the French and Indian War that this strategic point of land was cherished by both colonial powers of France and England for geographic and economic reasons.
In commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of this event, the Allegheny Foothills Historical Society and the Allegheny County Department of Parks invite you to relive this history of General John Forbes, Colonel George Washington, Henry Bouquet and others. Located in a wooded area of Boyce Park will take the visiting public away from the present world into the past. This living history encampment?s goal is to be family oriented, educative and interpretive. We hope that all living history participants will follow these guidelines and in some way strive to obtain these goals to make this event both pleasurable and memorable for both the participants and the public.
Once inside the encampment area, period correct tents clothing and other articles are required (1750-1768) with exceptions out of view of public. These include coolers, cell phones and flashlights as there is no electric (thus no lighting).  There will be straw, firewood, water and ice available. There will be food vendors available to purchase food, but as we all know, food cooking at a camp adds that historical flavor.  We have a very special Saturday evening meal planned for participants.
The Department of Parks are opening the shower facilities at the wave pool and a shuttle will be running Saturday night for anybody wishing to refresh themselves. A Saturday evening meal will be provided for dressed participants.
Setup will be Friday, October 3 beginning 12:00 PM or before 7:30 AM Saturday morning. Public visitation hours will be Sat. the 4th from 9:00 AM to 5:00PM and Sun. the 5th from 9:00 AM to 4:00PM Please note that the campsite will not open on Sunday to the public until 10:00 AM as there will be a service by Rev, Charles Beatty at 9:15 that the public is welcomed to attend. We request that teardown does not begin until 4:30PM. Participants are welcome to camp Sunday night and leave Monday the 6th.
We also require that certain safety regulations will be followed and all cartridges are made before arrival. Thank you for this consideration for the safety of both the participant and the public. Information will follow concerning regulation and policies after receiving your registration.
With your application/registration a request is made for references and some events you have attended. Although many of you are known to the committee and if you have any questions regarding this request, please feel free to forward them to John Debelak at 412-793-6334 or email at We would like to have a RSVP ASAP or by February 29, 2008 in order to assist us in our logistics.  Thank you for your time and consideration in making this a memorable event

               Your most humble and obedient servants,
               Allegheny Foothills Historical Society and
`               Allegheny County Department of Parks