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Author Topic: Living History Event in Kingfisher, Oklahoma April 17&18, 2009  (Read 4435 times)

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Living History Event in Kingfisher, Oklahoma April 17&18, 2009
« on: January 30, 2009, 09:09:12 AM »
Greetings to all the re-enactors!

What a treat to find a place like this!! Hopefully some great connections will be made here! O.K., on to business....

I am President of the Chisholm Trail Museum in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Our primary focus is on the history of the (Jesse) Chisholm Trail which ran cattle from Texas to Kansas prior to the mass settlement of central Oklahoma in the 1880s.  Also, we present the history of this area's 1889 Land Run which birthed towns overnight. Our crown jewel is the Governor Abraham Jefferson Seay Mansion, built in 1892 for Oklahoma's Second Territorial Governor. Also on our museum grounds, we have a pioneer village, complete with authentic restored buildings including a bank, church, schoolhouse, two log cabins (one was the home of Adaline Dalton, mother of the infamous Dalton Gang, and later her daughter Leona), a jail, blacksmith shop, general store, cemetery, even an outhouse.

Every April, we host a Living History event for the public, complete with as many re-enactors as we can round up. Generally, we have representatives from many, many points of Oklahoma's history, from Lewis & Clark-era explorers, to Native Americans, trappers, Union and Confederate soldier camps, cattle drovers & chuckwagons, shootouts, cannon fire and more. Hands-on demonstrations where the public can actually touch things are always EXTREMELY POPULAR here.

Our Governor Seay Mansion, is fully restored in its pure 1892 Victorian glory. We are anxious to get reenactors to fill the house during our event, or to do activities on the lawn.

This year, we are looking to  add groups that we haven't hosted in the past. After years of doing this, the public has seen most of our "acts" repeatedly and some of the re-enactors charge so much now that we can't afford them anymore. Our budget is limited, (especially this year) but if anyone associated with Reenactor.Net is interested, we at the Chisholm Trail Museum in Kingfisher, Oklahoma would love to  have you be part of our little event!

Please let me know if there is interest or if I can help in any way. Please take a moment to visit our little website at  Hopefully it will give you a little taste of what we've got here. I can be reached by email at

Thank you all so much for preserving history in living form. Good luck in all you do!
- "KingCoHistory" (Jeremy A. Ingle, President, Chisholm Trail Museum)
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