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Author Topic: Signed the papers, gone over the top, into the meatgrinder, until DEROS  (Read 2985 times)

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Hello all, I have been assembling period gear (as much original for display, I use recreations for living history) for almost every era for years.  Currently I am assembling: US Civil War 6th WI Vol. Inf., WWI/WWII gear for the US 128th IR/32nd ID, Korean War US 23rd IR/2nd ID  Vietnam US 101st Airborne, and thinking about a Panama/Grenada, Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom, and several other Wisconsin State Militia impressions.

I am a younger(28) father of 4 girls, whose other interests are varied and widespread.  I am an Amateur Radio Operator, a Senior member in the Civil Air Patrol, volunteer for the ARES/RACES, local fire department, Red Cross, and a host of others.  I enjoy making things go Boom!  I enjoy shooting competitions and watching Mythbusters, If it wouldn't have been for computers I would probably be teaching history.
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