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Author Topic: US WW1 reenactor unit Wanted  (Read 4908 times)

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US WW1 reenactor unit Wanted
« on: April 25, 2014, 10:10:31 PM »
The Historic Village of America's Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration is seeking a WW1 US reenactor unit to participate in the timeline and parade.  The Event is held the weekend BEFORE Thankgiving Nov 22 and 23, 2014. 
As an all-volunteer organization, our goal is to educate and to engage the public, and to share our collective past through authentic living history presentations.
AHTC has been nationally recognized as the best Thanksgiving celebration in the country, and our historically-themed and historically-organized Parade is ranked second only to Macy's.
Rather than commercial, though, the goal of the AHTC event is to remember and to honor our nation's history.
In addition to the Parade, the AHTC sponsors an open-air living history time line called the Historical Village, spanning 400 years of American history, from Native participants, seventeeth century musketeers through twentieth century GIs.
Some groups march in the Parade , re-grouping back at Brewster Gardens afterward, and others do not march at all, preferring to engage the public through accuate camps or scenarios.
Photos from the 2012 AHTC are located on he website (although we have grown considerably since then):
Last year we welcomed over 200,000 visitors on Saturday alone, and added several new high-level Living History groups, along with an Artisan Marketplace of craftsmen demonstrating period trades.
This year the Parade and Historic Village are scheduled for Saturday, November 22, the weekend *before* Thanksgiving, in Plymouth, MA, and we are hoping the see the the Great War represented and participating, either to march in the Parade, or to set up a camp in the Historic Village, or both.  Last year we were fortunate to host Fritz Klein as Mr Lincoln, and this year we hope to have other high-level first-person interpreters
Contact Stan Wollman email:
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US WW1 reenactor unit Wanted
« on: April 25, 2014, 10:10:31 PM »
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