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Author Topic: CW kit for sale  (Read 8821 times)

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CW kit for sale
« on: February 22, 2007, 12:25:02 PM »

I'm not a civil war reenactor, so I'm not a member of any forums, or know anyone in the "in crowd" to pimp these to. Anyway they all seem to be from either the fall creel sutlery, or C&D Jarnigan's. They are also all from the same guy, so they are all about a size 44 chest. Everything is used, but not abused.

1. Nice tared haversack, two closing straps $25
2. Nice tared haversack, one closing strap $25
3. Decent Round canteen, with cloth strap, Dark blue wool cover $25
4. Decent Round Canteen, with cloth strap, Sky blue wool cover $25
5. Tin kidney shaped canteen, $20

6. Nice lined light blue infantry greatcoat, $175
7. Nice unlined US shell jacket with SGT stripes, $95
8. Decent grey undershirt with wood buttons, $25
9. Decent US enlisted unlined infantry Frock coat, $125
10. Very nice US Artillery lined enlisted Shell jacket, $125
11. Okay CS unlined enlised sack coat, $45
12. Very nice C&D Jarnagin CS lined sack coat, "I" buttons (missing two) $100.
13. Decent US lined Junior Officer's frock coat, $95.

I can provide pictures of thest to anyone interested, I can take paypal, check, money order, and credit card over the phone. Also, if you know anyone interested in any of these, please forward it to them.