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Author Topic: Operation Iroquois Grove - Eastern WA  (Read 1852 times)

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Operation Iroquois Grove - Eastern WA
« on: January 02, 2012, 03:43:35 PM »
Register here:

Operation Iroquois Grove - Eastern WA
AO is in Rice, Washington
500+ Acres!
This is a blank fire tactical, however airsoft reenactors are welcome to participate. Our group does not discriminate on your weapon- we're all reenacting here.

This tactical battle reenactment simulates joint operations in the NVA Base Area 101 southeast of Quang Tri City, during the summer of 1969.

Operation Iroquois Grove involved combined US units: 1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division and 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines in clear and search operations to protect civilians and assist in accelerated pacification program.

However, All Vietnam impressions are welcome!

US Forces will seek out and relocate Vietnamese civilian persons before conducting clear and search operations in the valley and mountains. VC activity is high in tis area.

VC/NVA reenactors, now it the time to act!

The imperialists are forcibly moving your brothers and sisters and stealing needed rice. They are killing your grandmothers and breaking your grandfathers. They are digging into the graves of your ancestors and grinding their bones into powder. They are discovering weapons caches and munitions that are vitally needed for the continuing struggle to free our southern brothers. The invaders will pay dearly for these insults!

Participants will receive billeting and one hot meal per day as part of their $50 fee.
Participants will have accurate squad radios for the duration of the event.
Participates will note that the MCHA Combat Infantry School is beign run simultaneously during this tactical. These men will accompany you on missions, but have additional duties.

Non-period correct items such as: ice chests, tents, sleeping bags, cheetos, etc shall be camouflaged in period correct containers in order to keep the immersion as accurate as possible.

  • All participates will wear eye protection while on operations.
  • Any airsoft guns that you bring will shoot at 400fps or lower.
  • All blanks must be checked by team leaders and signed for before use.
  • NO LIVE ammunition is permitted.
  • NO ANIMALS are permitted.
  • NO MINORS, without a parent present are permitted.
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