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How to Re-size Pix for use on reenactor.Net

by Pat Kinch

A cool and easy way to re-size a picture for posting on reenactor.Net.

1. Choose a picture you want to use

2. Go to this website:

3. Click on UPLOADING a picture

4. Click on BROWSE and choose the picture (on your computer) that you want to use.

5. When the picture is uploaded on the right hand side, you'll see a lot of neat options for altering the photo... (Polaroid is kind of neat). What we want next though is the re-size button (if it needs cropping though, do that first).

6. Click the re-size button and when the window pops open (it helps to have your "pop-up blocker" turned off for that site), either check the re-size 25%, 50% or 75% OR click a width (leave the "Lock Aspect Ratio" option checked)... You can check a percent or, change that to "pixels" -- for the reenactor.Net, it's best to make the photo no more than about 500-600 pixels wide.

7. After you're done working on the photo, look for the words "I'M DONE" that will show up in red below the buttons.

6. Under CHOOSE FORMAT click on "JPG"

7. Click on SAVE TO DISK

8. Click on SAVE FILE and this will show up on your desktop. [Note: there IS an option to do "batch uploads" meaning you can edit or re-size more than one photo at a time.]

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1) Re: How to Re-size Pix for use on reenactor.Net
Written by 0 on February 23, 2009, 10:16:32 PM
EnTIREly cool!  Thank!