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Author Topic: WAXAHACHIE TEXAS VETERAN'S WEEKEND NOV 6th & 7th 2009  (Read 4730 times)

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« on: November 04, 2009, 09:23:41 PM »
World War II Living history event, This coming weekend, November 6th & 7th 2009 in Historic Downtown Waxahachie, Texas

Everything is in place for another outstanding event.
Plenty of vehicles, lots of living history folks, plenty of German's and Yanks, (not to mention Brits, French & maybe a Russian or two) and several surprises.
Black market is bigger and better than last year and the addition of the Texas Theater and the USO shows Saturday night will help close out this years event in stellar fashion.
Let's not forget the Chow line, vehicle convoys, Saturday afternoon battle and most important, the Veteran Ceremony Saturday morning.
The City and multiple businesses are involved this year so it looks to be an exciting, action packed weekend.
Gen Patton's staff is praying for excellent weather and it looks as though today?s weather should hold out another 7-10 days.
Looking forward to seeing you all at Waxahachie this year!


Just back from a quick reconnoiter of both the Allied and German Camps.
What with the rain over the last month, both Camps look lush & green.
Allied Camp behind the Boyce Feed Store is sure to be a hit.
The good folks at The Feed Store resod the entire back lot with Bermuda. It looks like a brand new football field before a big town rival homecoming and feels like a soft down-filled mattress. No doubt they'll be some heavy snoring this year!
Plenty of vehicle parking on the adjacent parking lot - it too has been resurfaced.
By Friday afternoon portable facilities will be in place.
Only request from The Feed Store and the Provost concurs is NO FIRES.
The usual City, Ellis County and State rules apply.
This is one of the nicest camp sites I've seen at any event in a long time.
MPs will be in and out of the Camps, (yep - we've got a few Kraut Cops this year) to make sure you troops don't get too out of hand...
Ginger Mulkey, the Manager of The Feed Store would be happy if any of the Allied or German troops who are camping out visit the store during the weekend for some good photo Ops.
Their front porch is also an excellent place to watch the battle.
Both Camps will open Friday afternoon for volunteers and shut down Sunday morning.
Camp visits, (i.e. spectators) will begin noon Saturday and end just before the battle.
Please keep a clean camp and leave it better than you found it.

Photo Journalists

The Flickr photo group will again be attending this event this year from Friday through Saturday evening.
If you haven't seen their work, check out and search Waxahachie & ww2 weekend.
This year they've gone above and beyond by finding uniforms and several will be embedded Photo journalist with American & Germans units.
Frank Polgar (call sign "flat6") will be leading this squad and a special site has been set up for reviewing as well as posting pix at:
Check it out - if any other units would like an embedded photographer, please contact and we'll put you in contact with Frank's group.


The Black market will be bigger and better this year!
Located along Franklin Street between College & Jackson with overflow in the Ellis Country Parking lot directly behind Backroom Toggs parking lot, (Check in tent)and between College & Rogers, (ask an MP - they'll show vendors where they can set up).
Within one block of Town Square!
All kinds of vendors will be present - Quartermasters, (Military uniforms both reproduction and originals), authors, artists, various reenacting units, etc.
Black market will be up and running Saturday 11am until 5pm, (or when the MPs chase you out).
This is a quickly growing activity that local vendors and businesses have taken a real liking too.
Drop by early, often and find that something you need to have.


Chow line for the troops, (Living History volunteers) and antique military vehicle owners will again take place this year on Saturday from Noon until ?

A huge THANK YOU goes to the good folks at:
College Street Pub
The Dove's Nest
Texas Theater
Courthouse Cafe
2 Amigos Taquarias
Chisholm Grill
2 Sisters Cafe

As well as Parks & Rec for the tables
Food will be served at approximately 1200pm or when it's setup/ready and sufficient troops have arrived from the Camps & the convoy from the Veteran's Ceremony.

Still need a few volunteers to help setup/sling hash, (two lovely ladies from the College Street have agreed to assist again this year). If you're not afraid of putting on an apron and slinging hash, please contact ASAP, or show up/volunteer that morning at the check in tent.

Chow line will be located along Franklin street adjacent to the Check in tent. Who knows - we may even get Gen. Patton to work the line!...

The American and German Mess Hall Menus at the Chisholm Grill have been posted to their website


The events schedule for this year can be found in the files section of this group.
As always, schedule events are tentative but can generally be relied upon give or take 30-60min.

Feel free to participate in as many events as you'd like - additional postings concerning various "points of interest" will be going out over the next several days so stay tuned.
When in doubt - don't forget to ask you friendly MP about upcoming events - each will have a schedule events card and will be happy to tell you where to go...

MP i.e. Military Police

Both Allied and German MPs will be actively participating at this years event from Friday through Saturday evening.

We'll have gents from both the 45th Div and the Big Red One to assist antique military vehicle owners, Living History volunteers and Black market vendors as well as providing crowd control during the Saturday afternoon battle.

Red Caps will be present, (and HQ'd in the Texas Theater lobby so don't talk during the movies or USO shows!) as well as German MPs, (they'll be keeping the German Camp in ordnug, providing traffic control in the "German" sector of town, checking papers, hanging out at the feed store and eating plenty of knockwurst).

MPs will be located at various intersection, will assist convoys, antique military vehicles and antique car parking as well as checking on the Allied camp and Black market from time to time.

Each will have a schedule of events list so feel free to inquire where/when the next event may be taking place and I'm sure they'll be happy to tell you where to go.
MP HQ will be located at the check in tent starting Saturday morning at 11am.
Please be respectful of these folks - they've volunteered to assist with this event and will be working the event/on their feet the entire day.
The Provost Marshal will be putting out Safety and Event Rules over the next 24-48hrs so stay tuned.

Bottom line - we're guest of the City of Waxahachie so behave in that manner. Obey all City, County, State and Federal laws. Let's leave Waxahachie a little bit better than when we arrived.

All working MPS please check in with Tom Legler, Provost Marshal when you arrive. Anyone interested in being an MP or assisting, please contact

Currently we have 3-4 volunteers for weapons safety inspections - please check in with either PattonsAide or the Provost Marshal when you get to Waxahachie. We could use another 3-4 weapons safety inspectors - if you?re good with a weapon and available for 30-60min please volunteer.


The Operational Plan for this years Saturday "Battle of the Bridge/Railroad Station Ruckus" can be found in the files section of the yahoo group.

The battle will take place Saturday at approximately 1500hrs, (or when Gen. Patton is done with his after lunch nap) along College St. and Rogers St., into the train station and should the Allies prevail,(they will - Waxahachie City Ordinance) up to the foot of the bridge.

Robert Norment, (of the famed 13th DBLE French Foreign Legion) is the overall battle coordinator and will hold a meeting at the train station for all participants immediately before the battle to review safety rules, make any last minute changes, etc.

Any units along with military vehicle owners wishing to participate, please contact Robert at you soonest convenience as well as indicate your desire to participate when you first check in at Waxahachie.

Those shooting blank weapons, (no live weapons) will have to have a safety check tag and will be inspected upon arrival as well as immediately before the battle by their unit commander.
Crowd control will be provided by the Waxahachie Police Department and our hardworking MPs, (last 2 years crowds were estimated at 8000-10000 spectators).
Please contact Robert as soon as possible if you'd like to participate.

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« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2009, 11:44:58 PM »

Waxahachie Veterans Weekend

Waxahachie World War II Weekend 2009

Final Update ? Nov. 6, 20009


Safety Guidelines

To:  All personnel in Nancy Area of Operations (all participants of Waxahachie WWII Weekend).

From: Tom Legler, Provost Marshal

Re:  Safety Rules

1.     No live rounds permitted at any time.
2.     Weapons shall be inspected, and all persons in possession of a weapon shall have an inspection card for that particular weapon.
3.    Weapons may be loaded immediately prior to the battle.  After the battle, all weapons shall be unloaded and made safe.
4.    Weapons may be carried in Downtown Waxahachie.  All weapons shall be carried in a safe manner (in a holster, slung on shoulder). 
5.    No weapons permitted in establishments that serve alcohol.  This includes rifles, pistols, batons, long knives.
6.      No homemade explosive weapons. 
7.      Bladed weapons shall not be removed from its holster/sheath.
8.      No close quarters combat unless specifically approved by battle coordinator.

As soon as I find out what type of fires will be permitted, if any, I will forward it to everyone.  If you have any questions, please contact me at

Tom Legler


Camp Heat Devices

At this time, camp stoves, tent stoves, etc. are permitted for this event.  If you have any questions, please contact me at 817-271-7548.

Tom Legler



Points of Interest: Veteran's Ceremony

The Veteran's ceremony will again be held at the Civic Center off 35W and 287.

Everyone is highly encouraged to attend - it's an amazing event and rightly so - it honors all Vets both living and past.

Truly a fitting tribute to those we pledge to honor.

Please arrive 930am - event begins at approximately 10am and ends at noon.

All antique vehicle owners are encourage to arrive early and convoy into Waxahachie following the ceremony.

All living historians are encourage to attend as well - even for a short time if you can't be there for the entire event, (but I recommend it).

Best part of the Waxahachie Veteran's Weekend

A schedule is provided in the files section


Points of Interest - College Street Pub

Tammy & Wayne at the College Street Pub welcome you to Oktoberfest Friday night, 7pm until midnight.

Come taste authentic German food and beer, while rubbing shoulders with German Soldiers and Officers - engage them in conversation, (watch out for the French Resistance) and raise a stein or two!

MPs will be on hand to keep the more rowdy Germans in check...

All are invited.

The College Street Pub has been a longtime supporter of the Waxahachie Veteran's Weekend since its first event back in 2004.

We literally could not plan/run this event without their tireless help, time, resources and encouragement.  Please drop by and thank them - and ask them about their son in the Coast Guard.  They along with a small group of local merchants, city volunteers and a half dozen out of town folks begin planning this event in January - let them know you appreciate all their hard work by dropping by Friday evening.


Points of Interest - Backroom Toggs

Be sure to drop by the folks at Backroom Toggs on Franklin Street.
These fine folks provide the parking lot for the Check-in tent all weekend as well as the front of their shop along Franklin for Military Vehicle parking.

The check-in tent is the focal point of Saturday?s events; we couldn't effectively run the event or provide such a central, on the square, easy to find and "in the thick of it" location without their assistance. 

Gents - bring your Gals and check out the vintage clothing, shoes, handbags and hats.  Who knows, she may find something she likes and must have.

Points of interest - Boyce Feed Store

Boyce Feed Store is again sponsoring the Allied Historical Camp directly behind their establishment.

Drop by and see WW2 living historians dressed as GIs camp in a WW2 setting. 

Authentic tents, equipment, weapons & vehicles.

Don't be surprised to see Germans & GIs wandering through the store Friday and Saturday.

The historical camps is one of the "must see" events occurring during the weekend - make sure you drop by and chat with "our boys"

Point of interest - Texas Theater

The Texas Theater graciously stepped up and volunteered to host the USO Show Saturday evening, 7pm and 9pm

Rumor has it the amazing Kilroy & the Ft. Worth Jitterbugs will be making an appearance.

Texas Theater opened several months ago and is again the jewel of the downtown square.

Drop in Friday for 40s style newsreels - back when you got your news of the War from the movie screen and mothers and sweetheart hoped for a glimpse of their love one serving "somewhere overseas" on the screen.

Texas Theater has a full menu and serves various liquid refreshments.

Drop by Friday and catch a quick flick - come Saturday and be entertained!

Additional information can be found on:

Points of interest - Chisholm Grill

Chisholm Grill is again offering a German & American "Mess hall Menu" this year during the Veteran's weekend event.

Excellent food, (especially their beloved and bountiful breakfasts) at the right price.

Come rub shoulders with GIs and Germans.

Share a cup of Joe with a stressed out General's Aide

Enjoy "Mom's Pot Roast" with a slice of Pumpkin Pie, or Schnitzel w/noodles for those craving a hearty German meal - and don't forget the world class Apple Strudel!

Full menu and event information can be found at:


Schedule Of Events



            ? Noon -1700 setup (all participants)

            ? Noon-1700 Convoy ?Dave? into Wax ( North Dallas route to Wax)

            ? 1700-1900 No-host Evening Meals (KP trunk, Allied Camp)

            ? 1900-2200 Oktoberfest ? College Street Pub

            ? 1900-2200 Movies ? Texas Theater

            ? 2000-2200 Axis/Allied night patrol (at their own discretion)

            ? 2300 Operations concluded (taps)


            ? 1000-Noon registration ? Command Tent

            ? 0830-0900 safety inspections (unit commanders)

            ? 0900-1000 Convoy ?Charles? to Veterans ceremony ( Grandview Route to Civic Center )

            ? 1000-1100 Convoy ?Gary? to Veterans ceremony (Square to Civic Center )

            ? 1000-1200 Civic Center/Veterans ceremony ? all reenactors requested

            ? 1100-1230 Military Vehicles static display at Civic Center

            ? 1100-1700 ?Blackmarket? (Vendors, Franklin Street )

            ? 1100-1700 Antique Vehicles static display ( Downtown Square )

            ? 1230-1300 Convoy returns from Veterans ceremony

            ? 1230-1330 ?Chow line? ( Downtown Square )

            ? 1300-1400 Patton?s Speech ( Downtown Square )

            ? 1300-1700 Military Vehicles static display ( Downtown Square )

            ? 1330-1400 Unit Commanders, vehicle owners, participants assemble at train station, walk thru battle

            ? 1400-1430 Units/vehicles move into position for battle, Final Safety checks, Communication checks, MPs in place, Spectators in place behind barriers, etc.

            ? 1500-1600 Battle

            ? 1600-1630 final safety inspection, police battlefield/pick up brass, fall in with units

            ? 1630-1700 mingle with crowd, pictures, etc.

            ? 1900 & 2100 USO show at Texas Theater

Sunday ? tear down/optional

            ? 0800-1000 Wax09 Planning Committee Breakfast ( Chisholm Trail - tentative)


Tactical Operational Plan for Waxahachie Show battle



Having been involved with may of the past events ay Waxahachie, I have discovered what I feel are several very important points to a successful battle scenario.

            A. An event where the public can experience an up-close look at combat as best as we can portray. Have an enjoyable time, and most of all, be in a position where they can readily observe what transpires during the event.

            B. An event that the participants enjoy as well. Where all can have a great time doing what we love to do! Try to keep it as simple as possible. WITH SAFETY BEING OUR PARAMOUNT CONCERN!

            C. An event that makes the best possible use of the military vehicles at the organizers disposal. Keeps them in public view. And affords their crews the best possible positions to do their thing.

Hopefully we can combine these three points into this year?s scenario to make it one all will remember as an awesome experience!



Simple! Axis forces hold key rail and communication hub in Nancy sector in advance of Allied forces. Axis forces orders are to destroy a key communications tower to keep it from falling into allied hands. Destroy rail yard to deny allied use of rail facilities.


Axis: Destroy communications and rail hub. If successful, fall back to newly established defensive line and prepare to counter-attack allied forces. Axis forces will establish a defensive perimeter from the two rail stations, parallel to S. Rogers St. Occupy all stations and buildings in area. Prepare explosive charges and ready themselves for possible allied assault.

Allied: Seize communications and rail hub. Destroy or capture all axis forces holding hub area. Hold position and prepare for counter-attack.


Allied scouting party (accompanied by several armed jeeps) assisted by Marquis or any available Forces Fran?ois Interieur (FFI) units operation in sector with probe hub area.


It is suspected that axis forces will be alerted and engage patrol at this time. FFI forces may make an attack from under the stream bridge area as a diversion in the direction of the axis defensive position. Hopefully this diversion will occur early, before the allied scouting patrol can be discovered. This should give allied scouting patrol ample time to retrograde to their main force and prepare to assault position with all resources.

The main allied assault will be a three pronged attack. If it can be safely executed, it would be a real experience for the public (and with the assistance of the available MP?s), we the first attack could occur by opening a small portion of Rogers St. to allow a part of the allied mechanized assault force to attack the Rogers St. front from this avenue. The General could be with this assault force if he so chooses.

The second attack would come in on S. College St. , fan out, and assault the main train depot.

While the third assault would come in from the south across the creek bridge and hit any retreating axis forces and the lower depot. This is where the promised ?Ducks? would make their appearance ferrying fresh infantry forces to the fight! All three assaults are to occur simultaneously as a ?Big Push?. It would be good to see an axis counter attack at this time. This engagement should NOT look like a pushover for the allies. Medical staff and wounded should by all means be visible!!!!!!!!!

If we have engineers in the force it will be their sole duty to disarm any explosives on the radio tower as well as along the railroad tracks. Allied forces should attempt to assault thru the defensives by fire & maneuver, securing the objective. Once the area is declared secure and fighting ceases, any field officers can at this time conduct any formalities they so desire. This will be left up to their discretion and planning.

After the battle prepare for the usual onslaught of spectators!

Administration & Logistics:

At this time it is not known which units, allied or axis, will be in attendance. Speculation is it will be the ?regulars?. This should afford ample troops on both sides for an excellent event. It is also not known what vehicles will be in attendance. It would be most helpful for any vehicle owners to please comment on the above assault ideas. Registration should give us a better idea of unit participation on Friday.

Command & Signal:

Overall commanders are not known at this time. Not knowing just who will be in attendance makes this a rather difficult task. It is hoped that a short overall scenario meeting can be arranged sometime Friday evening for unit commanders and their staff, as well as any vehicle owners so all can be on the same page for the battle. This shouldn?t take long. And as last year, we will have a quick scenario meeting right before the battle on Saturday for all participants. It would be advisable if unit commanders would share

the responsibility of conducting safety inspections on each other?s units. Unit ?A? inspect Unit ?B? and vice versa.


This is just about a general and simple as I could make it. The main crux of this scenario is to keep the battle close to the spectators without compromising their safety. Year after year it seemed like the battle climaxed down in the axis camp area. For most of the crowd this was way out of their view. Hence, they always wanted to cross the tape line and get closer to things. This has made for some unsafe situations. Hopefully we can bring the battle to the spectators this year by keeping it centralized up by the crowd! Also it was hoped that such a scenario could help ?showcase? the wide variety of vehicles in action! Get them up front instead of in the deep background. Hopefully there is a place and a job for all, military and civilian who wish to participate in this year?s event. As in the past things will remain flexible. We can make changes as needed. We can choreograph different scenarios before the event on Saturday. Again I look forward to any suggestions from unit commanders, troops and especially vehicle owners!

Ton aim

Lt. Renault

III/13eme DBLE

1er Armee Francais