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American WWII Air Corps Units

The United States Army Air Corps (USAAC) was the predecessor of the U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF) from 1926-41, which in turn was the forerunner of today's U.S. Air Force (USAF), established in 1947. Although abolished as an organization in 1941, it existed as a branch subordinate to the USAAF from 1941-47.

What Do Air Corps Reenactors do?

There are units who reenact differing Air Corps impressions at air shows and such to show what it was like for the men in the planes. There are also ground crew reenactors, who usually show what the ground crew looked like and some of the jobs they did.

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2010 WWII and Veterans Weekend (Midwest - Michigan)
The 3rd Annual WWII and Veterans Weekend in St. Clair Shores Michigan is quickly becoming the premiere event in the region. Directors Paul Palazzolo and Jose Evangelista are committed to making it the most enjoyable event reenactors will participate in. Visit website for complete details.
Capt H F "Enrico" Bottieri (Southern California)
Our SoCal EAA/Warbird Sqd 16 is part of EAA Warbirds of America. Our members are helping restore a C-47A basd at Planes of Fame Air Museum. We are also involved with a second C-47 that will soon be back flying. We are looking for a few more WW11 Aircrew reenactors who will be playing the part of
C-47 Crew. Pilots. Mechanics, support personnel. We prefer new reenactors from age 18 to early 20's but will consider others of either sex. We will have available a WW11 Jeep and Dodge Ambulance. Where possible we would like our reenactors to help us maintain the aircraft. As our group grows we will be doing reenacting around other aircraft and will be attending Airshows. We gather every Saturday at the Chino Ca Airport. "Warbird Country"
We are a living history unit who portrays the common ground crews of WW2.  Every year we assist the Collings foundation with their "Bomber fantasy cam" by being the training unit to assist training the students.  We also participate with the Midland Odessa TX CAF for their annual "Airsho" and set up a flightline maintenance section.  If you have a love for WW2 aircraft and getting your hands dirty on them drop us a line.

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