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U.S. Army Units

Willie and JoeThe Americans, the "GI", Willy and Joe... GI or G.I. is a term describing members of the US armed forces or items of their equipment. It may be used as an adjective or as a noun. The term is often thought to be an initialism of "Government Issue" but the origin of the term is in fact galvanized iron after the letters "GI" that used to denote equipment such as metal trash cans made from it in U.S. Army inventories and supply records. During World War I, US soldiers sardonically referred to incoming German artillery shells as "GI cans". During World War I it was somehow assumed that GI stood for Government Issue and the term was applied to all military equipment and the soldiers themselves (another incorrect interpretation is General Infantry). The term reached even farther as its usage spread with the American troops during World War II.

G.I. reenacting today

willie and joe

There are a LOT of G.I. units -- their types seem to change with the popularity of differing movies that come out. There was an influx of infantry units after Saving Private Ryan, with another influx of Airborne, (especially the 506th PIR (Parachute Infantry Regiment)) after Band of Brothers.

If you really are interested in Infantry units, there are many out there - same with Airborne. It's all what you're interested in. North and South, East and West, the units are there. Often, the "leg" units will be a local unit, for example, the 29th ID was in Maryland and Virginia... you'll see it reenacted more there. Same kind of thing with the 28th Keystone in Pennsylvania. Some units, like the 1st ID and 82nd Airborne transcend regions.

Anyway, give it a look, the noble G.I. is a great impression when done well!

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The 1st Divsiion (Alabama) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) World War II living history association based in Alabama.  The members are dedicated to an authentic portrayal of the U.S. infantryman and devoted to the preservation of the memory of those sacrifices made by them.  The unit is a group of living historians who represent a typical, yet ethnically and geographically diverse cross-section of the "Fightin' First" Infantry Division in WWII.  "The Big Red One' is one of the oldest and most distinguished units in U.S. history.  As a member you will start out as a private, a rifleman in a rifle squad.  After you become proficient, you will have the opportunity to run the unit at an event of your choosing.  In this way, all of us get the chance to be in command.  You can become the point man for a parade, living history, or be the squad leader at a reenactment.  We are also a Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Club, and have live shoots with our WWII weapons a few times a year.
5th Platoon (Mid Atlantic USA)
5th Platoon represents the 99th Infantry Division K CO 5th platoon that fought at Remegan for the Lundendorf Bridge and 268th Medical. The 5th platoon were the black soldiers that augmented the 99th Infantry at this battle. The 268th are the black nurses that were stationed in England.
BOCI (Slovakia, Europe)
Club Of Friends Of The Military History Of Slovakia (KPVHS)
The First Division strives to promote the WWII L.H.A and the hobby of living history / battle re-enactment. To do so the group maintains high standards of presentation, discipline and safety at both public and private events.
The First Division has focused its impression upon E Co. 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, U.S. First Infantry Division. In doing so we can ensure that as far as possible the clothing, arms and equipment used gives an accurate representation of U.S. Infantry soldiers in Northwest Europe, with particular attention paid to the assault troops of D-Day 1944.

Our living history activites focus on the period just before June 6th 1944. The Training Centre is representative of those found in Southern England during 1943 and early 1944. The encampments are either a pre-embarkation concentration area, or a rest area near the front as the event scenario dictates.
We are a group of men in Buffalo, New York who portray Second Squad, 1st Platoon, Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry, 1st Division of the United States Army durring the Second World War.
The purpose of this organization is remembering and honoring the memory of the World War II combat infantryman. The goal is to accuratly depict the life of the average combat soldier during World War II. This unit, just like its original, is made up of men from all walks of life: Students, police officers, firemen, laborers, farmers; a cross section of American society. For more information, please visit our website.
We are a group of approximately 30 reenactors. We attend numerous reenactments and living history events throughout the state. Our group also has several jeeps and Armoured Vehicles that we use for all of our events.
3rd Infantry Division (Western USA)
This unit is based on the West Coast. With the Northern California-based 1st Squad, and the Oregon-based 2nd Squad, we are proud to honor the brave men of the 3rd Infantry Division for their service during the 2nd World War.
Our objective is to portray, as authentically and accurately as possible, the typical infantryman of the 3rd ID. We strive to create an accurate impression with respect to our uniforms, equipment and appearance. We believe that "living history" is best reflected by attempting to emulate not only the appearance of the individual "Marne Dawg," but also by reenacting the other facets of the 1942-45 period. We attempt to recreate accurate barracks, field encampments and entertainment.
We are a newly formed unit from Indiana that seeks to honour the American Soldier in WWII through authentic reenactment. Like the Soldiers of the past, the 4th ID is a fast moving progressive unit. We strive for authenticity in all aspects of our impressions.
We participate in public battles and displays, as well as tacticals throughout the year
Reenacting 39th Infantry Regiment,9th Infantry Division located in California. Unit famous for the AAA-O slogan as said by Paddy Flint "The enemy who sees our regiment in combat, if they live through the battle, will know to run the next time they see us coming."
2010 WWII and Veterans Weekend (Midwest - Michigan)
The 3rd Annual WWII and Veterans Weekend in St. Clair Shores Michigan is quickly becoming the premiere event in the region. Directors Paul Palazzolo and Jose Evangelista are committed to making it the most enjoyable event reenactors will participate in. Visit website for complete details.

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