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Listing of WWII Soviet Units

Welcome Tvarisch! Soviet reenacting is among the most popular and fastest growing today. It is not only a good starting impression due to it's lower costs, but is also a great way to honor this nation who sacrificed so much. The USSR lost 62 TIMES as many casualties as the United States... :-0 Is that number even conceivable? Anyway, look through the units and research them well.

The Great Patriotic War

The term Great Patriotic War (Russian: Великая Отечественная война, Velikaya Otechestvennaya Vojna) is used in Russia and some other states of the former Soviet Union to describe the war of 1941 to 1945 between Nazi Germany and its Axis allies and the Soviet Union. The term is not generally used outside the former Soviet Union (see Eastern Front).

There is a semantic difference between this term and "World War II", as the Russian term refers only to the war between Germany and its European allies, and the Soviet Union. The war with Japan (including Operation August Storm) and the war on the Western front are not referred to by this term.

The term was coined following the German attack against the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 and was to mobilize the population to defend the motherland. Before then, the term "Patriotic War" (Russian: Отечественная война) referred to the French invasion of Russia under Napoleon in 1812, which is now known as the Patriotic War of 1812.

The term "Great Patriotic War" appeared in the Soviet newspaper Pravda soon after Adolf Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, in a long article titled "The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet People" (Russian: Великая Отечественная война cоветского народа).

In the Soviet lexicography, the war was usually presented as struggle between two ideologies, with the result of the war being the victory of Soviet socialist system over fascism.

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2010 WWII and Veterans Weekend (Midwest - Michigan)
The 3rd Annual WWII and Veterans Weekend in St. Clair Shores Michigan is quickly becoming the premiere event in the region. Directors Paul Palazzolo and Jose Evangelista are committed to making it the most enjoyable event reenactors will participate in. Visit website for complete details.
The 13th Guards is a WW2 Russian reenacting organization based in New Hampshire. We accept members from all over the Northeast. We prefer late war kit, as authentic as is reasonably possible.
Red Army online--On this site you will find links to STAVKA, the online home of the RKKA; Frontovaya Illyustratsiya, an online magazine dedicated to the work, research, photographs and frontoviks of the RKKA; several online discussion groups where members keep in touch & share information; Photographs from the Frontline, the ultimate RKKA re-enacting photo page; Upcoming Events; sites of general interest to the Red Army re-enactor and more!
STAVKA was the General Headquarters for the Soviet Armed Forces during the Great Patriotic War. This site was created by the legendary Arkadii Rodinko to provide the Red Army Reenactor with a central clearing house for information, contacts, and a home to call our virtual own. It is the BEST!!
Pyerviy Vzvod (USA--Mid-Atlantic)
We are a group of guys who have a great interest in history. Our main emphasis is on the first half of the "Great Patriotic War" which is often over looked in the Russian reenacting hobby. However, we also participate in late war reenacting as well.  As reenactors, we strive for historical accuracy and authenticity and try in some small way to remember and honor those who sacrificed so much during World War Two whether it be friend or foe. Our group portrays one of Americas? great allies during that time, the Soviet Union.

This group portrays the average infantryman of the Red Army during WW2. We seek to portray the norm not the exception.
1st Guards Airborne Division (USA, Southern California)
The 1st Guards Airborne Division is a unit of the RPS in California. This is the club with the T34/85 of the 2nd Guards division. The 1st Guards acts as the desant infantry for the tank. Wehold two to three events per year at Camp Roberts, California with the CHS and CHG other clubs in the state.This units members also provides a Cafe setting on Saturday nights at Camp Roberts events which are very popular with the troops.
Formed in 1989, we are now a well-established and respected group of living historians; dedicated to the accurate representation of Red Army personnel during the bloody conflict fought against Hitler's armed forces during World War II. We have no political affiliations and no political activity is allowed. It is our aim simply to educate the public about a conflict that is not well known in the west.
3rd Rifle Division (North East USA)
The 3rd Rifle Division is a WWII reenacting group located in the Northeast United States, with multiple members from the region. We portray a typical squad of a WWII Russian rifle division in both private battles and public displays.

By researching the history of the Russian infantrymen, and by "doing it for real" at battles, we strive to re-create the trials and tribulations of the soldiers of the Red Army.
8th Guards Mechanized Corps (Midwest/Central states and Texas)
The 8th Guards is a reenacting group that recreates a Soviet Infantry unit during WWII.

The 8th Guards is based in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Illinios, Tennesse, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas and Texas. Our Three brigades, the 19th Guards Mechanized Brigade commanded by Don King, the 20th Guards Mechanized Brigade commanded by Dan Welsh, and the 21st Guards Mechanized Brigade commanded by Arkadii Rodinko, recreate a typical Red Army Infantry unit of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.

Contact Scott Downing for more info:
9th Soviet Guards ((USA) Mid Atlantic)
The 9th Soviet Guards is a family oriented, reenactment group based in the Mid-Atlantic States. We are committed to the preservation of history and the memory of the Red Army soldiers by portraying the lives and the war encounters of the 9th Soviet Guards against the German forces during World War II.
37th Guards Division (Pennsylvania, Mid Atlantic, USA)
The modern 37th Guards Rifles Division reenacting unit was formed in early 2006 with the intention of authentically recreating a 1943 Red Army unit and also bring Eastern Front reenacting into view of more of the public with smaller local events in the Harrisburg area.  Most of the members of the 37th Guards college students.  Because of this fact we acknowledge that although Red Army is one of the cheapest impressions, the financial capabilities of this age bracket is very limited and therefore, we try to help our new members as much as possible with loaner gear.  
The 39th Guards is a living history reenactment unit formed in Cleveland, Ohio. We portray the Russian soldier of the Raboche Krestyankaya Krasnaya Armiya or RKKA, during the Great Patriotic War from 1941-1945. The men and women of the 39th participated in many battles, from Stalingrad to Berlin. Unlike other reenactment impressions, women are allowed to join. The 39th actively encourages women to take up arms and send the invading Hitlerites back to where they came.

We hope to educate the public of Russia's great sacrifice made during WWII by participating in living history days, air shows and other military based venues. We will engage German and other Axis reenactors at East Front reenactments to learn more about Russian military tactics and maneuvers.

Note: The 39th Guards does not and will not harbor any political leanings towards Stalinism or Communism. Those that do are not welcome here. The 39th Guards will not discriminate against race, gender, or religious beliefs.
95th Rifle Division (Indiana, Mid West, USA)
Our unit portrays a typical Russian Rifle Regiment during "The Great Patriotic War". Our primary focus is the time period at the Battle of Stalingrad (1942-1943). However, we also participate in late war living history events and battle reenactments, as well as the Soviet/Finnish "Winter War" (1939-1940). Our goal is to educate ourselves and the public about the role of the Red Army and its soldiers in the Second World War. The 95th Rifles Division is based in central Indiana. Enjoy the site and feel free to contact us (guestbook or email form) with questions or comments about reenacting, events, the Red Army, our unit, or the website.
150th Rifle Division (California, USA)
Portraying a typical rifle division of the Soviet Red Army in the Great Patriotic War, we are dedicated to the remembrance of those who sacrificed their lives in one of the most savage struggles of the 20th Century. The California Historical Group is a non-political historical re-enactment association based in Southern California.
We are a Georgia/South Carolina based unit that portrays the average soviet soldier from World War Two on the Eastern Front.   The 58th Guards unit was the unit to make first contact with the US 69th division at the Elbe River in Germany, 1945.
193rd Rifle Division (East Coast USA)
The internet home of the 193rd Rifle Division of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army (RKKA). We are a group of people interested in recreating the experiences of the men, and yes, women who defeated the Hitlerite invaders. We reenact the regular Soviet infantryman, the one who bravely defended the Motherland against the Fascist hordes, day in and day out for almost four years. These men and women helped drive the Nazis all the way back to the seat of their evil, Berlin.

The men and women of the 193rd fought with considerable bravery and tenacity during the Great Patriotic War. They participated in many battles, from Barbarossa to the fall of Berlin. If you are interested in the Eastern Front or would simply like to get involved in reenacting, this is the unit for you! Reenacting Red Army is much cheaper than comparable Allied or German impressions, and unlike the other units, women are welcome as front line troops. This means you could reenact with your wife or girlfriend and for single women it opens up a large pool of available Comrades.

The 193rd is located on the East Coast of the US, headquartered in PA, with members from many surrounding states.
197th Guards (South East USA)
This is a website to keep members of the Florida based reenacting group of the 197th Guard Unit and others Red Army reenactors informed about pertinent things to the hobby of reenacting and related subjects. Though we represent soldiers of Soviet Russia, we in no way condone nor adhere to or believe in the politics that lead the Russian soldier in WWII.
223rd Rifle Regiment (South East, USA)
We portray a unit of Russian soldiers of the 223rd Rifle Regiment of the 21st Red Army in WW2. Our group is based out of Fayetteville, North Carolina and we are available to participate in WW2 events where soldiers of the Red Army are needed to defend the Motherland!
416th Rifle Regiment (Mid West, USA)
The 416th Rifle Regiment is a group of World War Two reenactors & collectors from the states of Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin who portray a standard Soviet Infantry Regiment from the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.  We are members of the WWII HRS.
RKKA (North West, USA)
The RKKA unit is a member unit of the Northwest Historical Association (NWHA). The NWHA is a reenactment group interested in portraying the soldier's life in WW2 much like American Civil War reenactors portray that particular time period. WW2 reenactments are primarily unscripted, tactical events. Participants are members of one or more units within the NWHA.We also join in combined club events with groups like the CHG and RPS (other WW2 clubs).

      We are not political or survivalist groups. Leave your modern politics at home. If WW2 reenactments sounds interesting then contact a reenactment unit and give it a try. Contact us for information on how to go about joining us and see if any other unit looks interesting. Naturally our political officers will be watching! Any disloyalty will be noted!
North Front (Russia, St. Petersburg)
Reenactment Club Union: North Front (Russia and Finland)--[site is in both Russian and English] You are visiting a page of Reenactment society of two WWII reenactment clubs in Saint-Petersburg--the Red Army Club and Finnish Army club.

North Front is a voluntary and non-political organization in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, which is involved in reenactment of WWII period. The North Front is made up of reenactment clubs of Red Army and Finnish Army of WWII period.

Reenactment in our understanding is a maximally authentic historical performance that stags a real battle that took place at specific time at a specific place in the North-West of Russia. In addition to uniforms we reconstruct equipment, road signs, small personal items, propaganda materials that were used by the two armies.

It is important to notice that we are involved only in reenactment performances, that is, creating a scenario, distributing roles and playing a "battle". We always have spectators and make a performance for them; we are not interested in tactical games in WWII uniforms, although we have great respect for the clubs that are involved in this type of reenactment. The whole point of our performances is to show the spectators what a Red Army or Finnish soldier looked like, what the equipment they had, what the war was all about. We try to have conversations with the spectators and tell them about uniforms and equipment of a given army of that time.

The North Front association does not reenact a specific unit, but rather modifies uniforms in order to reenact different units that took part in battles in the North-West of Russia. This gives us greater flexibility for reenactment of events that are related to different war periods and different battlefields of the North-West of Russia.
Byelorussian reenactor's club " Comrades In Arms " engaged in a reconstruction of shape and life of the German, Italian and Soviet soldiers on East front. Subjects of reconstruction: independent reconnaissance battalion of 100-th Red Army rifle division, 526-th infantry regiment of 298th German infantry division and 63rd battalion "M" of assault legion "Tagliamento" (Italian blackshirts).

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