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BCH SAVE RAF Bicester Technical Site Campaign... please sign our on-line Petition

At the moment the mothballed Technical Site on the former RAF Bicester aerodrome is being allowed to decay until the ?usefulness? of the buildings and structures expire. Many of these have now been ?listed? and, together with other environmental reasons, the commercial development of the Site has reached an impasse. This is a tremendous waste of a precious part of our heritage, and a facility that Bomber Command Heritage (BCH) could make use of.

BCH has been desperately working in the background to establish some level of museum in the UK that is focused purely on the vast subject of RAF Bomber Command of the WWII-period (and its formative years). Sadly in the UK there is now only fragmented coverage of this topic, particularly from the perspective of the 21st Century and the British and Commonwealth effort and sacrifice.

Bicester represents a unique opportunity in the UK to eventually do something that would do justice to the subject. All that is required at this stage is for the authorities to be persuaded to say ?YES.?
  • Best preserved 1923-40 inter-war ?expansion period? aerodrome... exemplar site (English Heritage)
  • Poignant history: Crew Training/OTU
  • First Flight of the HANDLEY PAGE Halifax 4-engined Heavy Bomber
  • Grass Flying Field
  • Technical Site ?mothballed? since the 1980s
  • Extensive buildings including 4 large Flight Sheds capable of displaying large aircraft, under cover, and in context.
  • Potential to become a major UK WWII-themed visitor attraction.

There are a great number of buildings on the Technical Site and they all need renovation. However, a stage-by-stage approach, with an acknowledgment of the full potential of the Site, should be a practical way forward, and give the best outcome for all concerned.

Use by BCH of one or two small buildings on the Site to form an initial foothold workshop and display storage area

Other facilities are restored to enable public access to some areas - a small museum is established

More buildings are taken on and the display of full-size aircraft becomes possible - the museum becomes a significant contribution to the subject in the UK

Full potential of the Site is realised as a major WWII-Themed visitor attraction, with great benefit to the local population and the country

please sign our on-line Petition
To visit our home page at Bomber Command Heritage : HOME

 if you want to know more please get in touch with me
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