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The Pard's
« on: July 31, 2008, 05:00:54 PM »
Greetings, Begorra and Begab, From The Emerial Isle! Top of the morning to ya all!

Now that's all of the Hollywood Irish you are going to hear from us!

Hello from Ireland.
We are a group of Irish re-enactors who do the American Civil War. We are a small group of about 10 and at this time we are evenly split between north and south, in our impression. Mainly we portray the camp life of the soldier, mostly we concentrate on telling the story of the Irish immigrant and how he ended up fighting for both sides.

Most of our members have travelled to the States and England in the past and took part in events. Some of the lads were at Gettysburg this year and had a ball.

We hold our own event every year called 'Calling Them Home'. Which is held in the magnificent setting of Charles Fort, just outside Kinsale, Co. Cork. The event is multi-period and is all about the Irish Soldier and his place in history. This year it will be held on the 30th/31st Aug'08, and will be our seventh year to host the event.

Our name comes from what our American hosts called us on our first visit to a major event, which was in Missouri .......the Irish pards. We were so tickled by the name we took it home with us!! We have adopted it to mean....The Period American Re-enactment Display Soc. that's just us trying to be cleaver!!! In real terms we say that all members of the group are 'pards' and all have equal say and responsibility within our society.

We have a new website at and

We are always happy to meet and make new friends in the hobby.

Our e-mail is

We have post this in both areas, hope that's O.K.?
Fred Ricksburg

The Pard's Mess,