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Author Topic: Waxahachie TX WWII & Home front 1940?s Weekend Nov. 7 & 8, 2008  (Read 8058 times)

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Waxahachie TX WWII & Home front 1940?s Weekend Nov. 7 & 8, 2008
« on: September 09, 2008, 11:07:23 PM »
Waxahachie WWII & Home front 1940?s Weekend

Friday, November 7 & Saturday November 8, 2008


Everyone is formally invited to attend this upcoming event. This year promises to be bigger and better than ever. More activities and events than anyone can do in a day. Plan to come on Friday and stay for Saturday?s all day into the evening events. This year there will be major events all taking place at the same time.


WWII Home front will feature;

Sights and Sounds of the home front during the war years.
Ellis County Museum will feature a large wartime display
WW II military vehicle convoy to and from Convention Center.
Wartime civilian / vintage vehicle display on the square
Open air market / vendor referred to as ?The Black Market?
Oktoberfest Friday night ? College Street Pub
USO Dance ? Saturday night ? All are invited ? participants and visitors.
Much more?

WW II Military and Antique Vehicles will feature;

Several separate Convoys of military vehicle
Local vintage car club display on the square
Military and civilian displays throughout the event.
Much more?

Living History Volunteers (Reenactors)

Command Post / Central Check/ Visitor Information  ? Big Main Tent on the square across the street from Ellis County Museum
Authentic Camping sites for German, Allied
Overflow / Non period camping /trailers site
Local Hotels
Parking for participating vehicles
Saturday morning and afternoon meals via KP Chow line.
Saturday afternoon public display battle.
Vehicle Convoys
Much more?

More events and details will be coming soon. For Official information check these websites


Official Yahoo Group Site



City of Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce Website.


Call Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce 972-937-2390.


See you there!

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Re: Waxahachie TX WWII & Home front 1940?s Weekend Nov. 7 & 8, 2008
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2008, 11:05:18 PM »
The time for Waxahachie TX W.W.II & 1940's weekend is almost here.
This event is also known as Ellis County Veterans Appreciation Day or
simply as Veterans Appreciation Day.

Enclosed is a general event timetable of the current planned events.
There may be additions before the beginning of the event so be sure
to check at the Command Post tent at the Corner of Franklin and
College Streets. The Command Tent also serves as the registration /
check-in, lost & found, general information and a visitor's
information center.

For those who are planning on attending the event, please email
individual or group size to help plan for the food service.

Send email to pattonsaide@

Friday Nov. 7th, 2008
? Noon -1700 setup (all participants)
? Noon -1700 registration (Command Tent, Allies/Axis)
? Noon -1700 Convoy "Dave" into Wax (North Dallas route to Wax)
? 1700-1900 No-host Evening Meals (KP truck @ Allied Camp)
? 1730-2200 Oktoberfest ? College Street Pub @ 210 N. College St.
? 1900-2200 Movie in the Square ? Park behind College Street Pub
? 2000-2200 Axis/Allied night patrol (at their own discretion)
? 2300 Operations concluded (taps)

Saturday Nov. 8th 2008
? 0800-Noon registration
? 0830-0900 safety inspections (unit commanders)
? 0900-1000 Convoy "Charles" departs to Veterans ceremony
(Grandview Route to Civic Center)
? 1000-1100 Convoy "Gary" departs to Veterans ceremony (Square to
Civic Center)
? 1000-1200 Civic Center/Veterans ceremony
? 0900-1230 Military Vehicles static display at Civic Center
? 0800-1700 "Blackmarket" (Vendors, Franklin Street)
? 0900-1700 Antique Vehicles static display (Downtown Square)
? Noon-1500 "Paper/Aluminum Can drive" (Boy Scouts ? tentative)
? 1230-1300 Convoy returns from Veterans ceremony
? 1230-1330 "Chowline" (Allied Camp)
? 1300-1700 Continued / full Military Vehicles static display
(Downtown Square)
? 1315-1345 Unit Commanders, vehicle owners, participants
assemble at Lumberyard, walk thru battle
? 1330-1400 Patton's Speech (Downtown Square)
? 1400-1430 Units/vehicles move into position for battle, Final
Safety checks, Communication checks, MPs in place, Spectators in
place behind barriers, etc.
? 1500-1600 Battle
? 1600-1630 final safety inspection, police battlefield/ pick up
brass, fall in with units
? 1630-1700 mingle with crowd, pictures, etc.
? 1700-1900 No-host Evening Meal (KP trunk, Allied Camp)
? 2000-2400 USO dance across from Rodgers (tentative-POC,
sponsors needed)

Sunday ? Nov. 9, 2008 -- tear down/optional
? 0800-1000 Wax08 Planning Committee Breakfast (Chisholm Trail -

CP ? under large tent, corner Franklin & College Streets
? Allied and Axis tables, map board, message board, MP desk, lost
& found, etc.
? Setup Friday morning
? Registration Friday noon-5pm, Saturday 8am-noon
? Highly recommend unit commanders visit registration once each

The "Black Market Area" is an excellent opportunity for units to set up and do some recruiting!

Any questions / information request should be directed to
pattonsaide@ email address

John Wilson
Event planning

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Re: Waxahachie TX WWII & Home front 1940?s Weekend Nov. 7 & 8, 2008
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2008, 11:05:18 PM »
Lost Battalions (P)

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Re: Waxahachie TX WWII & Home front 1940?s Weekend Nov. 7 & 8, 2008
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2008, 01:53:32 PM »
Announcement for Waxahachie TX WWII & 1940's Weekend
Veterans Appreciation Weekend.

This event is 7 days away.

The following folks have generously offered to be Points of Contact. 
Please work directly with them should you have any questions,
requests, etc.

Veteran's Ceremony - Ushers, Bob Hopkins/Peter Bronikowski

Honor Guard - Ken Hightower

Appreciate any and all support Saturday morning at the Veteran's
Ceremony, Ellis County Civic Center. 

Allied Camp Site - Corporal Dave Austin
Dave is also coordinating the "Chow Line" Saturday at noon.  He'll
need some folks to help serve so don't be shy/bashful - of course the
MPs can always help folks "volunteer"
Check in at the MP tent at the Historical Allied Camp site behind the
Feed store.
Dave is also coordnating a Friday convoy from North Dallas into Wax -
please contact him if you'd like to participate - the more vehicles,
the better!

German Camp - John Joplin and Lynn Lawrence
They can assist in showing you where to set up at the park directly
in front of the Bridge.

Military Vehicles - Gary & Linda Haas, ARROWHEAD Chapter, MVPA
Convoy to and from Civic Center Saturday morning, static display in
downtown square Saturday.

Vendors  - 972-938-2101 x198
Fredrick street between College and Rogers
Set up a table or a booth and display your wears, recruit new
members, etc.  We need vendors - currently have a half dozen
folks/organizations who will be setting up Saturday. 

Convoy from Grandview to Waxahachie - Charles Varner
Saturday morning

Battle Saturday afternoon - Bob Norment
Units Commanders, Miltary Vehicle owners who want to participate
please contact Bob ASAP.  Currently we have 50-60 German.  Take a
look at the proposed battle in the files section.  If you want to
particpate, you need to contact Bob.

MPs - Tom Legler (Provost Marshal).  For those of you who want to
volunteer for some MP duty.  We'll have a couple jeeps and two
motorcyle riders, (convoy, working with Military vehicles). German's
welcome as well, (that's you 2nd Regt. Fallschrimjagers).

Photographers,Media - John Wilson

Classic car clubs/vehicles - Pete & Dee Bronikowski
static displays, in and about town Saturday morning, afternoon.

Thanks! Hope to see you their!

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Re: Waxahachie TX WWII & Home front 1940?s Weekend Nov. 7 & 8, 2008
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2008, 01:53:32 PM »
Lost Battalions (P)