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Military ribbons
« on: April 16, 2016, 12:28:22 PM »
I'm sure my quesiton is not a new one, but since I'm now doing WWII reenacting, I was wondering about this. 

I"m a prior serviceman serving in the Active Army during the Cold War (Germany 1969-1971), and a Reservists after getting out of the service from 1971-1995.  And in my reenactment of a soldier, I'm wearing my rank of E6, which can be verified by a copy of my DD214 which I would carry with me.

My question is on the use and wear of ribbons by reenactors portraying a part of miiltary history during that time period; POW, active military, veterans of a military campaign where ribbons would have been issued for being there.

So what is the official policy on wearing medals/ribbons?  Can you wear them only to enhance the role of that person they are portraying?  I know  that all Purple hearts, Bronze/Silver Stars, Medal of Honors are not authorized.  But would general ribbons issued to the millions of soldiers who served in various fronts be appropriate?

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Military ribbons
« on: April 16, 2016, 12:28:22 PM »
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