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Author Topic: Reporting back on Locust Grove event  (Read 3685 times)

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Reporting back on Locust Grove event
« on: October 29, 2007, 10:44:57 PM »
Reporting on the event.... Great time, good weather, a little nippy but overall pleasant.  Good crowds.  The site is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and has fields large enough to accommodate many, many more participants.  There were about 45 sutlers (we being one of them) of many sorts!  Great shopping , absolutely wonderful vendors.  The paid and volunteer staff was outstanding.  When both Greg and Kevin came over at different times to say thank you for participating and to see if there was anything we needed, I realized that this was a very well organized, quality event that every one should put on their calendars.  The historic home and its surrounding grounds plus the visitor center/gift shop are of a high quality and it is evident that this is a site that is run by people who care about it.  For more info.  google Historic Locust Grove, Louisville Kentucky. :laugh: this is one not to be missed next year.
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