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Here is some more about me and my inspirations in reenacting. Also a few pix.

77th Div. insignia

My Grandfather, Pvt. Marshall T. Wise,
Co. E, 305th Infantry Regiment, 77th Infantry Division.

Wanna buy me a book? :-)
Here ya go:

My inspiration in reenacting is my grandfather, Pvt. Marshall T. Wise of Co. E, 305th Infantry Regiment, 77th Infantry Division. He was a Chauchaut (machine gunner) gunner during WWI. Sometime at an event, ask me about how a can of beans saved his life!

He started off in the 42nd, "Rainbow" Division and somehow ended-up in a New York unit, the 77th "Liberty" Division -- I find this strange as he was from Oregon (the 42nd was a West Coast unit). If anybody has a good explanation as to why this would have occurred or has any info on him, please drop me an e-mail-I'd really like to hear from you.

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A side note here: I sincerely doubt that my Grandfather would find it amusing that I'm reenacting
WWI German infantry, but then again, maybe he would--who knows!?

Dad on the Zugspitze
Dad on the Zugspitze

My Dad, Mike Wise, was a radar repairman in the Air Force from ca. 1956 to 1960. He was stationed in Iceland, which allowed him to travel around Europe a bit.

My Dad was a radar engineer and after he got out of the USAF, he went to work for the FAA for over 35+ years -- he retired from the FAA in 1994 and then workied as a contractor for a Beltway Bandit. After that ended due to corporate scumbaggery and old-age discrimination, Dad went to work for WalMart, fisrt int he auto department, then in Sporting goods and last, as a greeter. After almost 10 years at "Wally World," Dad's health deterioated and he passed away on April 18th, 2014 -- I miss him! He was a cool guy and I am honored to have had him as my father!

pix o' Marsh and Pat Sanchez w/ Fokker DVII

Marsh and Pat Sanchez with the Fokker DVII at the USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH. The DVII the best aircraft of WWI!

Waugh!- Silly War
A rare sight, me dressed-up in a Silly War uniform--rare, because I do not DO the
"War of Silliness" I got talked into going to MTA once by someone...

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Oh Joy!
In die "alte Tage"
Pionier Rudi Weiß, FIG '99
At FIG '99--pix by Cyrus Lee

Me doing OPFOR as
WarPac Soviet VDV.
More of me doing OPFOR
as WarPac Soviet VDV.

Here's a neat picture,
my little brother, Michael in my old GD uniform
-- he sometimes reenacts (Gott sei Dank!)... Roman & German... ;-) Well, as long as his GF allows it...


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Me whilst in the 226, long ago
Back when we first started IR226
at an event at Ft. Meyers.
I have nice group pix
Ft. Meyers, VA 1992

My little brother Jim
, hmmm,
not much different than today.
He get's all pissy about his pix
on the web--I guess
this'll be okay... ;-Þ
I would say about late August 1967

Okay, so I don't follow orders too well... ;-Þ

Dr. Donald Crosby,
my German Prof from college, a great friend and also... my German father! He and his beautiful wife Bonnie, are forever traveling and doing the neatest stuff!!!

Ooohh, me in my
Squidly boot camp
graduation pix
what a dork!
(San Diego, 1982).
Marsh, ca. 1967
Me a long time ago... Look, a German car... wish I could remember it better. Probably worth a fortune today...

My Mother-Law, Holly
actually hanging herself
near the edge of the
Grand Canyon... she's got
some guts huh?! Lot's of
people do this and end
up fallin' off. My wife,
Wendy about had a fit
over her doing this.

One of the pix from
my wedding...
the uniform was my
wife's idea--not
gonna argue with that ;-Þ
5.2.1998, Annandale, Virginia

Look, me dressed up
, a
DAMNED rare event, so look
close as you ain't likely
to see it often.
(ca. 1999)

My Navy ID pix
which I
got them to cut out for
me when I got a
new one.

Look, I'm smiling... and young and not fat!

Look! Me and Dad a long time ago ;-) My Grandma Kotrc sent me this awhile back! Now I just have to get some pix of that side of the family up!

My Mom Sharon, circa Spring 1964. See, she's already irked at me... ;-Þ

Sadly, my Mom passed on Feb. 14, 2015. Missed every day.

My Father-in-law Bruce Bunker and I, at his place in Bonanza, CO. He rocks! BTW, he makes trusses, so if you're in the Colorado area and need some roof/floor trusses or walls made, his are the best... BunkHouse Construction!

Me and my grandfather Jim Kotrc! Somewhere around 1966-67, Red Bluff, CA
My Fambily 5-12-2005
An interesting shot... my Dad, me, Mom and Jim (behind)... this was when we moved my aunt down to Reno. It's damn rare to get all in one place together and I take the opportunity to shoot a pix when I can.

I think this is me going to Denver ca. 2001... The scum I worked for at that time, had me shuttle a truck out there and I took the digicam. I remember it well because the big news was Dale Ernhardt dying... anyway. so, that's me at work [well, where I used to work...they sucked! I was always pissed off and unhappy there. A reason I really try and look out for MY drivers now.]

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