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Here are some of my "fambily" pix.

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My Grandparents wedding photo. Lorayne and Jim Kotrc

My Greatgrandfather, Dolph Dillon on the right. Guy on left's name is Dick Tarrell (I think...)

My Dad's parents, Marshall and Gladys Wise

Wanna buy me a book? :-) Here ya go:

My grandmother, Lorayne (Dillon) Kotrc on right, w/ sister Dorothy and borthers Rodney and Vernon.

My Grandfather, Jim Kotrc... ca. the 50's

My Great-Great-Grandpa Kutch (Mom insisted I add the "great-great" to avoid confusion)

Another shot of my Grandfather outside, which is how I remember him!

My grandparents and my mom, Sharon in front of their home in Lorane Oregon. ca. early 50's.

And another shot of my grandfather in Nebraska, where he was from. He was a farmer there, but moved his family to Oregon in the 40's.

Another farming shot of my grandfather in Nebraska.

My grandma Lorayne and mom, Sharon in the 40's...

Mom and her Dad in (?) Eastern Oregon.

Kotrcs in Nebraska. My grandfather second from right

On my parent's wedding day, my dad's sister Maggie on left, my grandfather Marshall and my mom ;-)

An interesting logging photo, that's my great-grandfather, Dolph Dillon at end of log.

My momwhen she was young. Miss you mom!

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