Info for Movie Makers

Reenactors in the movies... for the movie maker, a dream come true: extras that come WITH their uniforms AND equipment AND a weapon. Also, they have knowledge of the period and even may know things like drill that you won't have to teach them (think cost-savings). GREAT!!! But... that doesn't mean you get them for free (welllllll, there are always gonna be a few dorks who just wanna see their mug on screen "Hey Martha, look at meeee, ah'ms is a moooovie staarr"). It means you still need to pay these people, it's just that you will get more for your money.

Instead of some out of work actor or uneducated street person, you will get someone who comes fully equipped and uniformed, with weapons included, and can be counted on to be 100% technically accurate. Right off, you are ahead, you don't have to hunt all over "God's Creation" for uniforms, weapons and the right equipment. You don't have to train them as much and they know how to put on and wear their gear. Big advantages here. Hell, these are the people who go to your movies and pick apart all the historical faults--they have the ability to do it right and make your production come out good. But... ya gotta treat 'em right!

Way, WAY too often, reenactors are taken advantage of by people who make movies--whether it is not paying them enough (or at all), over-working them, making them wait to eat until after the principals, or just talking to them like idiots or treating them like SHIT in general. Don't do that...

Info for Reenactors

HEY, GOOBER!!! Looooook, don't just run off with stars in your eyes. Yeah, it'd be nice to be in a movie, to be able to brag at work/school/in the neighborhood, but don't just GIVE it away. No matter WHAT they tell you, these people DO have the money, they just don't want to pay it to YOU. If you say no, they will have to go out and rent this stuff and it ain't cheap! If they're gonna pay, let 'em pay you and correctly!

Here's a minimum of what you should get paid by movie people....

  • Extra (meaning you, the reenactor): AT LEAST $100.00 per shoot day (defined as 8 hours, time and a half after that)
  • Uniform and gear: $65.00-$80.00 per shoot day
  • Weapon Rental: $20.00-$40.00 per shoot day

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