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Why, you ask, should you go to our on-line store versus simply going to's site directly? Well, by going through us, and if you buy a book, CD or video from, we get a small referral fee. Wait... I know what you're thinking "WHAT? Why should I help that fat bastard make money?" Think of this way: it costs money EVERY month to keep reenactor.Net up and running. I have to make enough of said money every month to do so, or... r.Net will end up dying -- or worse, having a cookie on every page with banner ads popping up encouraging you to buy a new mortgage, etc.

My goal was/is/has always been: to get the vendors that we have listed on the site to pay a small fee for listing and by doing so, to keep the site going. So, unlike these vendors, we only have information to sell -- and, it's not like we're going to take the money and jet off to Milan. To find out more about ads for vendors, please go to the Ads page.

Anyway, for those vendors who are listed on reenactor.Net --please, patronize these fine businesses that help keep this site free!

Best, Marsh

 If you're looking for books, music CD's or videos about any particular time period, please visit reenactor.Net's on-line store. Actually, as we have it now, it's an area in each time period wher eyou can buy books, music, videos and now historical posters through us from

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