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reenactor.Net's rules of the roadRules for reenactor.Net

The Internet is a great place to find information, to meet new friends and share ideas. However, and this is SO important: other people cannot see your face and so thus can't tell your emotions, so you need to think a bit before you post. Really, other viewers don't know when you're joking... Use the emoticons -- little smiley faces people put in text or just use the graphical "smileys" we have on the site They're located above the posting window in the Forum. So, use the smileys often, especially when you're joking emoticon, or serious , or whatever. Be a good "Netizen" and let others know how you're feeling.

All Caps

A note on this: Typing something in "ALL CAPS" is considered "yelling" on the Internet and is rude. All caps to emphasize something is one thing, ALL CAPS though... not cool. Of course, we have those who capitalize nothing -- almost as annoying to read (my brother is one of those)

kindergartenLike Kindergarten

Think of it this way: the Internet (and this board) is like Kindergarten... everything you need to know in life, you learned while you were in Kindergarten:

  • Play nice
  • Don't hit
  • Drink your milk
  • Take a nap
  • If you hurt someone, say you're "sorry"
  • Ask permission.

Mainly just polite rules of society that seem to have been lost today. Of course, if you get ignorant with some folks in reenacting, they might get all "period" on you and actually challenge you to a duel... emoticon

rulesSo... Some RULES:

It would be great if we could all live in a world of sweetness and light, but we are all human and we all have a bad day once in a while and might even be nasty sometimes. Let's not be nasty here!

What's not allowed:

  • No illegal topics (porn, how-to's on terrorism, hacking/phreaking, etc.).
  • No modern politics. Getting all worked up and arguing about current-events is not allowed here -- we are on this site to discuss HISTORY and Historical REENACTING -- it's not yahoo or CNN's forums... And NO, we don't wish to hear your theories on how it's a Government conspiracy... NO! There are plenty of places on the Internet to do that -- this ain't one of them.
  • No religion (discussion of period religion and religious things is okay, but NO proselytizing or attacking other religions). You know you won't convince them and they sure aren't gonna convince you and you'll both just end up hating each other.
  • Flames, especially blatant, threatening, offensive flames are grounds for being suppressed. What does that mean? We can, and will, restrict your right to post if you act like this... Don't be a dick! Nobody is trying to kill list posts, but flames, threats, racist or sexist comments and other ignorant, childish bullshit will NOT be tolerated!
  • No outright hostility or abusive conduct: this means flaming, spamming, zinging or flooding. Excess of malice -- just being a rude jerk or plain mean -- IS abuse. (remember, play nice from above...). Being on this forum, does not give you license to insult people or make fun of them either.
  • Keep on our topic: This is reenactor.Net and not the Star Trek/Sci-Fi forum. It is understood that the vast majority of reenactors, however, are Trek/Sci-Fi fans -- so, a comment once in awhile (e.g. "Yahoo IS the Borg of the Internet!") is okay. Constant babbling about these things is not kosher. Again, there are plenty of sci-fi boards, forums and lists out there on the Internet.
  • Privacy and Dirty Laundry: If someone sends you a message OFFLIST, then by Gawd, KEEP IT THAT WAY, unless THEY say it's okay to share it with the list. This is one of those things that sticks a flaming stick up my ass (now that's a appealing picture, isn't it?) -- we do not want/need to hear all the dirty laundry. Manners people, Manners!
  • Swearing: We have always said it is okay -- this does NOT mean you that may go crazy and call someone a "dickhead," an "asshole" or other words to that effect. If you want to swear or call someone names, stop, don't. We don't need someone getting all pissy because you were ribbing them. BTW, the "F-Bomb" is not for use in polite company and anyway, we have a filter to remove it.

What this forum IS for:

This forum is meant to bring historical reenactors together AND to help the new person just discovering reenacting. It is NOT the permanent domain of those who would use it as a bully pulpit. Grow-up! Remember this is a #!@^#$!^$%$ H_O_B_B_Y !!!!!!!!!!!! Do not act like some geeky, 15 year old high school kid -- be an adult! Again, remember that the Internet is especially bad sometimes to converse in because others can't see when you're joking -- something we usually convey by facial expressions or tone of voice. If someone offends you, wait a day or so before replying AND e-mail them OFF our Forum. Do not forget: Use the "smileys" -- we have them here to allow you to show your feelings. Do it!