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Welcome to reenactor.Net, the Online Home of Reenacting!

We'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to reenactor.Net and explain a little of how things work here... Consider this a mini-website about how to use r.Net. :-) Sometimes we're so immersed in it, we forget how daunting it is to start off here. How confusing things that we take for granted, can be. Hopefully, this area will help.

Some reenactor.Net History

Originally founded by Dwight Dutton, reenactor.Net has been live on the Internet since August 10, 1995 (check us out "how we were" at the "wayback machine"). In 1998, was transferred to Marsh Wise as Dwight wanted to pursue other projects. When Marsh "got" the site, there wasn't a lot there (due to some pretty servere server crashes) and the website was down to not much more than a few files and pages... Soon, with a lot of work, it became "reenactor.Net" and went from there. Over the years, it has been an odyssey to get to where we are now: a site with the ability to generate "live" pages using PHP (vs. the old static HTML pages), which allows us to update quicker, make things easier to find and just makes it easier to keep such a large website on track and running smoothly.

During our time on line, we have worked tirelessly for the betterment of the hobby. Our goal has been the connection of reenactors from differing time periods to one another and awareness of the general public about our hobby. We also hope that as a member of reenactor.Net, you'll join in and meet your fellow reenactors and living historians along with helping to promote our hobby and foster good habits in new reenactors...

Your Profile

Why not start by filling out your profile? Nothing builds community more than knowing your neighbors or fellow members or at least a little about them. Besides, everyone has a few cool reenacting photos to check out. To learn how to fill out and customize your profile, please click here. We look forward to seeing your page.

Meet Your Fellows

On reenactor.Net, you can meet reenactors from around the world, or just right down the street. Want to check out another time period? We have the links for you to do just that. If it's reenacting, we have it, or a link to it anyway.

Our Links and How to Get Around

Links are our raison d' ĂȘtre and we try to keep them updated. Please, feel free to surf the links and do let us know if one is dead.

Our time areas are usually broken down into consistent pages:

  • Main
  • That Period's Parent Organizations
  • Units/Groups
  • Period and Historical Links
  • Articles (if there are any for that time period)
  • Books

A couple of time areas, like Middle Ages, are laid out slightly different in that they usually don't have "units" but instead "groups" -- still, we do try to be consistent.

How to Add Links

Here, you will find directions for adding your unit's link to reenactor.Net -- you can also use this to add links to historical sites and other web pages. Please check first to make sure we don't already have that website linked.


Like all communities, we have some rules -- simple rules actually, but necessary for everyone to have a good experience. These rules were already sent to you when you joined reenactor.Net, but here again is a link to the rules so that you may peruse them at your leisure.


Please got to the Forum and post an introduction in our "New Here?",2.0.html board. Perhaps tell us a bit about yourself. Also, feel free to post in not only your own time period, but also in others... ASK QUESTIONS -- Help others!! :-)


Reenactor events -- pretty much the reason the hobby exists! One of the primary goals of r.Net for YEARS, it is now a reality! And we're continually striving to update and make our calendar a "THE place" where you can post and find any reenacting event!! So, please visit the reenactor.Net Calendar to check out living history events near you. For that matter, post your own events!! That's what it's there for.

Photo Gallery

We have a free Photo Gallery for you to showcase your work and your reenacting/ living history unit/group--let others see what you do at events (and check out what they're doing also). Please add captions to your photos so visitors can know what they're seeing... "Who," "What," "Where," "When," and "Why."

IF you find a bad link, PLEASE let us know, we want to get it fixed ASAP!!