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Marsh's WWII Fonts Page

What is this?? Just fonts I have made. They are all shareware -- meaning if you like and use 'em hows about sending me $3-4.... I think they are useful and maybe soon I will get them packaged w/ a font map. Sorry, right now, all of these are in PC format--Mac may happen someday, but I make fonts for something I need at that time, not to sell. Money would help though ;-)

I'll even make a paypal button to make it easy...
You can decide how much to donate ;-)

[and so far, that has been NOTHING... guess why I don't make more fonts...]

  • SS-Runes -- My first font. I made it to type-set Cyrus Lee's SS Panzer Regiment book. Works okay, but messes up the leading in Word. You need to set it in paragraph to "exact"
  • Crappy Wehrmacht Typewriter -- A fun font, just what it says. Works good for period documents. Yes, I'm "ate-up" ;-)
  • WWII German Tactical Symbols -- This was made for an article that I was working on. You can look at the symbols in Windows Character Map. I need to make a map for it and someday will add more unit ID symbols than the few I have now.

So, send check or money order made out to me, Marsh Wise at:

Marsh Wise
P.O. Box 81,
Willow Hill, PA 17271-0081

Lawyerly crap:

Look, please do not sell these fonts! They are copywrited and if you sell them, well then you are a miserable scumbag! I will also be forced to take out a voo-doo curse on you.

Page updated: Sunday, December 21, 2008--12:39:59 AM

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