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Acacia: Used to ward off evil, stimulates psychic powers when burned with sandalwood. Cape gum, Egyptian Thorn, Gum Arabic Tree, Kikwata.


Adam & Eve Root: Carried to attract or repel love. Given to a couple to ensure continued happiness.

Agrimony: Used for protection, breaks hexes and sends them back to the hexer. Church Steeples, Cocklebur, Garclive, Philanthropous, Sticklewort, Stickwort, Umakhuthula, Ntola.

Alfalfa: Used to protect from poverty and hunger. Also used in money spells. Buffalo Herb, Lucerne, Purple Medic, Jat, Quadb.

Alkanet: Burned as an incense to purify area of negativity, also attracts prosperity. Dyer's Bugloss, Orcanet, Dyer's Alkanet.

Allspice: Burned to attract money or luck, used to promote healing. Eddo, Madere, Basheen, Kouroubaga.

Almond: Used in prosperity and money spells. Eating will cure or combat fevers as well as giving wisdom. Greek Nuts.

Althea: Used in protection rites, also good psychic power stimulator. Burn as incense or carry in a sachet. Marshmallow, Mortification Root, Sweet Weed, Wymote, Heemst, Slaz.

Alyssum: Used in an amulet to expel charms, also used to moderate anger. Alison, Madwort.

Amaranth: Used in healing, protection and invisibility. Flower of Immortality, Love Lies Bleeding, Red Cockscomb, Velvet Flower, Princess Flower, Floramon.


Anemone: Used in health, protection and healing rituals. Grow red anemones in garden to protect both it and the home. Meadow Anemone, Pasque Flower, Passe Flower, Wind Flower.

Angelica Root: Used in exorcism, protection, healing and in promoting visions. Archangel, Masterwort, Garden Angelica.

Anise Seed: Used to protect from nightmares and in purification baths with Bay Laurel. Anneys, Anise, Yanisin, Sweet Cumin.

Apple Leaf: Used in love, healing, garden magick and immortality. Fruit of the Gods, Fruit of the Underworld, Silver Branch, The Silver Bough, Tree of Love.

Apricot Leaf: Used in love sachets. Umublinkosi, Xing Ren.

Apricot Seed: Carried to attract love.

Arbutus: Used for exorcism and protection.

Asafoetida: Used for exorcism and protection. Has been known to induce vomiting by inhaling the odor. Assyfetida, Devil's Dung, Food of the Gods, Ungoozeh.

Ash Bark: Used in sea rituals, carried to protect from drowining. Nion, Asktroed, Jasen Beli, Freixo.

Ash Leaf: Used in pillows to induce prophetic dreams.

Aspen Bark: Used in anti-theft spells. European Aspen, Poplar, Quaking Aspen.

Aspen Leaf: Used under tounge to become eloquent.

Auge Root:

Avens: Used in exorcism, purification and love. Assaranaccara, Bennet, Blessed Herb, Clove Root, Colewort, Golden Star, Goldy Star, Hare Foot, Herb Bennet, Minarta, Pesleporis, Star of the Earth, Way Bennet, Yellow Avens.


Balm Of Gilead: Carry to mend a broken heart or attract a new love. Balessan, Balsam Tree, Bechan, Mecca Balsam.

Barley: Use the grain or barley water in love spells, may be scattered on ground to keep evil and negativity away. Malt.

Basil: Used to soothe tempers between lovers. Also added to love incenses. Alahaca, American Dittany, "Our Herb", St. Joseph's Wort, Sweet Basil, Witches Herb, Njilika, Balanoi, Feslien.

Bayberry Root:

Bay Laurel: Used for protection, psychic powers, healing, purification and strength. Bay Leaf, Baie, Bay Tree, Daphne, Grecian Laurel, Laurel, Laurier d' Apollon, Laurier Sauce, Lorbeer, Noble Laurel, Roman Laurel, Sweet Bay.

Bee Balm: Used to bring clarity and good working order to the surface of any situation. Horsemint, Wild Bergamont, Monarda.

Bee Pollen:

Bentony (Wood): Burned or grown as a protection and purification herb. Bishopwort, Lousewort, Purple Betony.

Benzoin: Burn to purify, often used as a base for incenses. Ben, Benjamen, Gum Benzoin, Siam Benzoin, Siamese Benzoin.

Bergamont: Slipped into wallets and purses to attract money. Orange Bergamont, Orange Mint.

Bistort: Used for fertility and to improve psychic powers. Dragonwort, Easter Giant, English Serpentary, Osterick, Passions, Patience Dock, Red Legs, Snakeweed, Sweet Dock.

Black Mustard:

Black Walnut Bark:

Black Walnut Leaf:

Blackberry Leaf: Used in healing, money and protection rites. Bly, Bramble, Bramble-Kite, Bumle-Kite, Cloudberry, Dewberry, Goutberry, High Blackberry, Thimbleberry.

Bladderwrack: Used to give protection to those at sea or over it. Bladder Fucus, Cutweed, Kelp, Sea Spirit, Seawrack, Seetang, Meeriche, Sea Oak, Black Tang.

Blessed Thistle:

Bloodroot: Carried to draw love or to avert evil spells and negativity. King Root, Red Root, Tetterwort.

Boneset: Used in infusions to ward off evil. Augeweed, Crosswort, Feverwort, Indian Sage, Sweating Plant, Teasel, Thoroughwort, Wood Boneset.

Borage: Carried for courage. Bugloss, Burrage, Herb of Gladness, Star Flower, Borak, Lisan selvi, Lesan-El-Tour.

Bracken: Used in rain magick, burn outside to bring rain.

Brazil Nut: Carried as a talisman to bring good luck in love affairs.

Bryony: Used to draw money and protect against bad weather. Gout Root, Briony, Ladies' Seal, Mad Root, Snake Grape, Tamus, Tetterberry, Wild Hops, Wild Vine, Wood Vine, English Mandrake.

Buchu: Drunk or burned to induce dreams or visions. Bookoo, Bucoo, Buku, Oval Buchu, Short Buchu, Sab, Pinkaou.

Buckwheat: Used to attract money and guard against poverty. Beechwheat, Brank, French Wheat, Saracen Corn.

Burdock Root: Burned or cast about home to ward off negavitity. Bardana, Beggar's Buttons, Burrseed, Clotbur, Cockleburr, Great Burdock, Happy Major, Hardock, Hurrburr, Personata.

Butcher's Broom Root:


Calamus Root: Kept in kitchen to protect against hunger and poverty. Gladdon, Myrtle Flag, Myrtle Grass, Myrtle Sedge, Sweet Cane, Sweet Flag, Sweet Grass, Sweet Root, Sweet Rush, Sweet Sedge, Lubigan.


Camphor: Hung around neck to prevent colds and flu. Kafoor, Camphire, Chang Nao.

Caraway Seed (Black): Used to guard against theft. Kummel, Alcaravea.

Caraway Seed (Brown): Used to guard against theft. Kummel, Alcaravea.

Cardamon Pods: Used in lust and love potions.

Carnation Petal: Used for healing. Gillies, Gilliflower, Jove's Flower, Nelka, Scaffold Flower, Sops-In-Wine.

Carob: Carried to maintain good health and guard against evil. Caaroba, Caroba, Carobinha, Chocolate.

Carrot Seeds: Eaten to promote pregnancy. Bird's Nest, Philtron, Gizri, Queen Ann's Lace.

Cascara Sagrada: Used for legal matters. Sacred Bark, Bitter Bark, Ecorce Sacree, Yellow Bark, Cittim Bark.

Cashew Nut: Used in prosperity and money spells. Mbiba, Kasui, Mkanju.

Castor Bean: Used to absorb evil. Palma Christi, Palms Christi Root, Mamona, Makula Kula, Mbono, Mdogo, Racznick.

Catnip: Used for cat magick, also in love sachets. Cat, Catmint, Catnep, Catrup, Cat's Wort, Field Balm, Nepeta, Nip.

Cat's Claw Bark:

Cedar: Used for love sachets.

Cedar Bark: Used for incense.

Celandine: Used to protect from entrapment. Celydoyne, Chelidoninum, Devil's Milk, Garden Celandine, Kenning Wort, Swallow Herb, Swallow-Wort, Tetterwort.

Celery Seed: Chewed to aid in concentration, or to induce sleep. Aipo, Karafs, Elma.

Chamomile (Egyptian):

Chamomile (German): Used in calming and sleep incenses and brews. Heermannchen.

Chamomile (Roman): Used to attract money. Camomyle, Chamaimelon, Ground Apple, Maythen, Whig Plant.


Chaste Berry:

Cherry Bark Seed: Used to stimulate or attract love. Sweet Cherry, Mazzard Cherry.

Cherry Bark (Wild): Used to stimulate or attract love. Sweet Cherry, Mazzard Cherry.

Chervil Leaf:

Chestnut: Used in love spells.

Chickweed: Carried or used in spells designed to attract love or maintain a relationship. Adder's Mouth, Indain Chickweed, Passerina, Satin Flower, Star Chickweed, Starweed, Starwort, Stellaire, Stitchwort, Tounge Grass, Winterweed, Qoqobala.

Chicory Root: Carried to remove all obstacles in life. Succory, Wild Cherry, Wild Succory.

China Berry Seed: Used as good luck charms. Chinatree, Ku Lian Pi.

Chrysanthemum Flower: Used to cure drunkenness, worn to protect against the wrath of the Gods. Mum.

Cinchona: Carried for luck as well as for protection from bodily harm.

Cinnamon: Used as incense to raise spirtual vibrations. Sweet Wood, Ceylon Cinnamon.

Cinnamon Bark Chips: Used in sachets for healing and to draw money.

Cinquefoil: Used to protect during sleep. Crampweed, Five Finger Blossom, Five Finger Grass, Five Fingers, Goosegrass, Goose Tansy, Moor Grass, Pentaphyllon, Silverweed, Sunkfield.

Citron: Eaten to increase psychic powers. Sukake, Forbidden Fruit, Rough Lemon.

Cleavers: Used in binding spells.

Cloth Of Gold: Gives the power to understand the language of birds and beasts.

Clove Buds: Burned to stop others gossiping about you, or carried to bring comfort to the bereaved. Mykhet, Carenfil.

Club Moss: Gives power and blessings from the Gods. Foxtail, Lycopod, Selago, Vegetable Sulfur, Wolf Claw, Moririr-Wa-Mafika.

Cohosh Root: Used to strengthen courage in the meek. Also used in cases of impotency. Black Snake Root, Bugbane, Rattle Root, Squaw Root, Actaea, Cimicifuga.

Colt's Foot: Added to love sachets and used in peace and tranquility spells. Ass's Foot, British Tobacco, Bull's Foot, Butterbur, Coughwort, Pas d'ane, Sponnc, Foal's Foot.

Comfrey Leaf: Carried to ensure saftey during travel. Assear, Black Wort, Bruisewort, Consohda, Consound, Gum Plant, Healing Herb, Knit Back, Knit Bone, Miracle Herb, Slippery Root, Wallwort, Yalluc, Gavez, Smeerwartel, Karakaffes, Ztworkost.

Comfrey Root: Used in Money spells.

Copal: Used for purification and love incenses.

Coriander: Used in love sachets and spells. Chinese Parsley, Cilantro, Uan-Suy, Stinkdillsamen, Hu-Sui.

Cornsilk: Used to bring good luck. Giver of Life, Maize, Sacred Mother, Seed of Seeds.

Cowslip: Carried to preserve or restore youth. Arthitica, Artetyke, Buckles, Cuy, Drelip, Fairy Cup, Frauenschlussel, Herb Peter, Key Flower, Key of Heaven, Lady's Key, Lippe, Our Lady's Keys, Paigle, Paralysio, Password, Peggle, Plumrocks.

Cramp Bark:

Cubeb: Used in love sachets and spells. Tailed Pepper.

Cucumber Seed: Eaten to promote fertility. Cowcucumber, Agurk, Haswey, Kheyar, Lekiti, Gurka.

Curry: Burn at nightfall to keep evil away.

Cypress: Carried to funerals to allay grief. Tree of Death.

Cypress Bark: Carried or burned to lengthen life.

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