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Author Topic: Of concern to ALL GWA Central Power reenactors!!!!  (Read 12438 times)

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Of concern to ALL GWA Central Power reenactors!!!!
« on: October 28, 2007, 09:29:26 PM »
Rob Zienta is running for the GWA Central Powers Combat Commander?a position he has ably held before. Here below, is his platform... I believe you should give it a look.
Best, Marsh

Candidate Letter for CP Combat Commander

I am asking for your vote for Central Powers Combat Commander.  I feel that some things can be improved and that is why I chose to run.  Following are some the issues that I would address as your Combat Commander:

  • Utilizing the various resources of units on the German side of the line by looking to specialized units to perform the duties expected of them, i.e., pioneer units functioning as pioneer units historically functioned in WWI.
  • Improve communications among units and up and down the line to respond to allied threats or attacks by establishing ops and phone connections.  I see an important part of the job of Combat Commander as tactical and strategic coordination of forces, which cannot be done without proper communications, which we have not effectively used to this point.
  • Tracking the status of units from a command center to know where units are during combat, what their strength is and how they can respond as needed.  I would like to set clear rally points to coordinate counteroffensives, as well as establish a ready reserve.
  • Having visited the national archives and reading U.S. period reports and reviewing captured German documents, I feel that we can do a better job of creating and using period documents for communication and other administrative functions (i.e. leave) similar to what was historically used.
  • Establish an effective command staff to work with unit commanders to ensure coordinated efforts for offensive and defensive actions.
  • Review with the unit commanders the Rules of Engagement for possible revision and/or clarification.
  • Resolve combat issues between Allied and German Forces
  • Encourage and promote membership and unit growth.
  • Work to establish solidarity of German units.  We need to strengthen the relationship between units on our side of the line.  This can be accomplished with the cooperation and leadership of unit commanders.
  • Propose improvements to the German side of the line by developing comprehensive improvement plans with unit commander input, look at what resources are needed to accomplish the task and prioritize the improvements to get them accomplished.
  • Be open to combat scenario suggestions.

I believe in helping units succeed; not cause them to fail.  I have served previously as Central Powers Combat Commander and was responsible for developing prisoner interrogation, the Authenticity Guidelines for Uniform and Equipment, and many other positive goals for Central Powers units.

I ask for your support and vote for Central Powers Combat Commander.

Sincerely, Rob Zienta
Marsh Wise
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Of concern to ALL GWA Central Power reenactors!!!!
« on: October 28, 2007, 09:29:26 PM »
Hessen Antique (aff)