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Author Topic: Native American Reenactor injured at New Boston  (Read 16270 times)

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Native American Reenactor injured at New Boston
« on: September 03, 2007, 09:35:52 PM »
Copied from the Springfield News Sun

Native American re-enactor suffers burn at Fair at New Boston
By Andrew McGinn
Staff Writer

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Traveling the same path a team of oxen had taken minutes before, the Bethel Twp. ambulance looked strangely out of place Saturday.

"And so will the helicopter," confessed Jim Campbell, as he stood wearing 18th century garb at George Rogers Clark Park.
CareFlight was called to the Fair at New Boston to transport a costumed re-enactor to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton after he was burned by ignited black powder charges.

Ralph Arms, a Woodland Indian re-enactor from Danville, Ohio, reportedly had burns from the waist up. Hospital officials declined to give a condition update hours after the incident, saying that he was in the emergency room.

But he'll be OK, assured Campbell, of the National Trail Parks and Recreation District.

During a 21-gun salute after the afternoon battle re-enactment, a spark from a musket fell into Arms' pouch containing pre-made charges, Campbell explained.

"We don't allow them to just drop gunpowder down a hot barrel. That's a safety measure," he said.

The muskets don't shoot projectiles ? just powder.

But that comes with a slight risk of its own.

"Black powder does not blow up," Campbell said, "unless you put a spark to it."

Here's a link to some video on CNN  :O>@
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Re: Native American Reenactor injured at New Boston
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2007, 11:44:24 PM »
Good Lord CNN!!!!! I witnessed 2 guys get blowed up in a recreated Tiger tank last weekend and it only got a small blurb in the Indy paper.

You know what on second thought that is probably a good thing! Think of the headlines if they had gotten a hold of that one! :P


August 26, 2007
2 exhibitors are injured

Two exhibitors of a German Tiger tank replica at the Indianapolis Air Show were injured Saturday just as the show was ending for the day.
Someone tried to fire a blank round from the tank's gun and it misfired, according to a report by WTHR (Channel 13), The Star's newsgathering partner.
The names and conditions of the two injured people still were unavailable by late Saturday.
Mike Potter, air show chairman, described the situation as a "small incident" in a brief written statement.
"The two exhibitors were treated on the scene and transported off the field. We have no information on their conditions. No spectators were involved. No volunteers were involved," he wrote, adding that the air show will continue today as planned.
The Tiger tanks were used by Germans in World War II. The replica was part of a German military display, one of several re-enactment attractions of various wars at the air show.
-- Star report
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