Adventure Novel

Alpine Meadow...

Hold on to your Fedora -- here's the
experience of a lifetime!

Do you enjoy reading a good thriller?  With heroes and heroines dashing off to exotic places to find clues and high-adventure?  How would you like to be one of those characters?  Well here's your chance.

Using whatever tools work best for you, from GPS receivers to satellite phones and laptops, or even without any technology at all, just your own wits, F&R International Travel will construct a tailor-made story just for you!  We'll get your likes and dislikes, your desires and your fantasies and cook up a plot and setting, and then plunk you down right in the middle of it!

Mind you, this is not white-washed, pre-packaged marketing, this is genuine adventure where you have to find your way around and figure out the mystery.  F&R is there to set it up and keep things running smooth but the adventure is all there for you.  Think of Conan Doyle's Lost World, a globe-trotting version of a television "reality show," or a cliff-hanging thriller and you'll get the general idea.  Let your imagination run wild and tell us all about it.  We'll make it happen!

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