Cultural Responsibility

When travelling, always be respectful of other cultures. Travellers can have great impact on the people and places that they visit. It should not be a negative impact. Stick to some simple rules and your experience with be a positive experience for you and for the locals.

  • Research your destination before you travel -- We at F&R love to help you with this step and, as a free service, will supply you with some helpful info about your destination, and can point you in the right direction for getting more info.
  • Appreciate diversity -- It's all about the wonders of new and exciting places. Have an open mind. Try and learn from other cultures.
  • Respect local perspectives -- Engage in conversation with the local people, listen to them and share with them. But do not try to impose your viewpoint on them or offend them by making no attempt to understand the reasons for your differences.
  • Learn a few words -- Just a few simple phrases of the local language can really show people that you are willing to discover and learn from the local culture. You will be surprised how warm many people will become when they know that you are trying to really understand them.
  • Religion and Law -- Be respectful of both religious practices and the laws of the government. In many places the two are deeply entwined. To transgress the law or religious custom is a clear sign of disrespect.
  • Think very carefully about your choices -- Even in countries where things like drugs, prostitution or animal abuse are legal or the laws lenient, think first about who may be hurt by your actions. No one should suffer just because you decided to take a trip.
  • Support the local communities -- Purchase goods and services that are helpful to the people that live there, not to foreign interests or to businesses that do not give back to the communities, and the environments that support them. F&R is always glad to assist you in this.
  • Dress properly -- All too often tourists and travellers think that it's okay to enter a place of worship or go to a cultural event dressed in shorts and ragged clothing. Sometimes it is okay, but most of the time it is not. Be respectful of local attitudes with your dress and pay attention to what the locals are wearing, copy them in neatness if not in style.
  • Be respectful with your camera -- Ask before photographing people, ceremonies, holy places, etc. And be very careful about taking photographs or video of buildings and places that may be governmentally sensitive, as you may find yourself in a lot of trouble if you don't.

Above all - Be mindful, respectful, courteous, and use common sense.

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