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Speaking Vegetarian: The Globetrotter's Guide to Ordering Meatless in 197 Countries by Bryan Geon -- World-traveler and long-time vegetarian Geon, gives an informed, witty overview - from the vegetarian perspective - of 197 foreign countries (plus the USA and Canada) then offers a phonetic pronunciation table of appropriate words and phrases for ordering any kind of vegetarian meal...in over 100 languages.

The first phrase book written only
for vegetarian travelers!!!

The Vegetarian Traveler by Jed Civic -- The Vegetarian Traveler is an international guide to lodging and vacation spots with thoughtful accommodations for vegetarians, vegans, and environmentally sensitive travelers. Nearly 300 guest houses, B&Bs, motels, hotels, spas, resorts, hostels, retreat centers, and outdoor adventures tours are identified. Each listing (most with photos) describe the establishment and its locality, giving the address, phone, fax, price range, meals included, what percent of menu is vegetarian, vegan, and organic, and noting if special diets are catered to. Also information on the availability of private baths or showers, non-smoking rooms, non-animal tested toiletries, and air-conditioning, whether pets are allowed, if rooms are sprayed with insecticides, wheelchair accessibility, and even if the furnishings are of animal origin. The Vegetarian Traveler is a boone for business traveler or vacationer. If you are a vegetarian, don't leave home without it!
The Vegetarian Traveler by Bryan Geon -- another book with the same title as the one above?! Anyway, this is what we can tell you about this book: The author really was offered dried lizard-on-a-stick, in China! Not to mention antelope head stew in Mozambique, and hedgehog's hidnums (whatever they are!). If you are a vegetarian who enjoys travel, you will know the perils of ordering something which sounds good on a menu, but...The Vegetarian Traveller is the world's first guidebook to the words and phrases needed to order vegetarian food in over 200 countries worldwide.
Vegetarian Visitor: Where to Stay and Eat in Britain by Annemarie Weitzel (Editor) -- Newly revised and updated, this guide provides information on guest houses, hotels, and private homes in England, Wales, and Scotland offering hospitality to the vegetarian traveler, and cafés, restaurants, and pubs serving vegetarian food in these countries. Exclusively vegan establishments are indicated, and separate listings of establishments offering courses and special activities on topics such as yoga, permaculture, antiques, and aromatherapy are included.
Vegetarian Europe by Alex Bourke-- Hankering after a European trip and wondering if you should pack a hamper first? Now you can dump the veggie emergency kit, safe in the knowledge that wherever you go, you'll be able to refuel at totally vegetarian and vegan eateries, whether on a flying weekend or a grand tour. This guide features hundreds of vegetarian restaurants, cafes, hotels and shops all over Europe with opening times, prices, and descriptions of what is on the menu for vegans. All the information was compiled from visits by researchers and assisted by local vegetarian groups. Places covered include: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Florence, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Krakow, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Oslo, Oxford, Paris, Prague, Rome, Salzburg, Stockholm, St Petersburg, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw, and Zurich.
Vegetarian Britain: 600 Places to Eat and Sleep by Alex Bourke, Jennifer Wharton, Alex Burke, Katrina Holland -- This popular guide to everything vegetarian for Britain and Ireland's five million veggies. This book features more than 400 vegetarian restaurants, cafes and take-aways and a further 100 ethnic eateries with big veggie menus - with prices and sample dishes. It includes information on 200 vegetarian and veggie friendly hotels, 500 wholefood and cruelty-free shops, mail order, juice bars and local veggie groups. Enhanced by directions, maps and three indexes, this book is in an easy-to-use guide of interest to anyone vegetarian.
Europe on 10 Salads a Day by Mary Jane Edwards, Greg Edwards -- A travel companion for vegetarians and health-conscious travellers, this guide of Europe's vegetarian restaurants looks both at major cities and off-the-beaten-track towns.
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