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I've wanted to do Forums for awhile now, but it was either too much coding, or I would have to use someone else's systemhere is very little there yet, but there will be soon. And, if you're signed up for one time period, you're a member inthem all. This works well if you do more than one time period.

So anyway, go here: and sign up. And yeah, ya need to post for there to be stuff there.
Hope you like it... Marsh

P.S. look for more changes at r.Net coming up to make it easier and better for you, the reenactor.

  • 4.4.05-- Updated lotsa pages, Marsh pages too. Been working my butt off to fix crap. Sure wish I could upload it all before I forget... Wish my WIFE would get of fthe phone, it's only 2 f-ing AM?!?
  • 3.21.05-- Moved site to new server. Immer etwas! Changed some stuff. Diff looks. Diff things.
  • (week of)11.25.04--Lot of work done on Frontier bookstore and some needed corrections. Still very much trying to get ACW units done...
  • 11.16.04--Lot of work done in last coupla days. ACW revamped some, especially rebuilt the weak bookstore area, making it much, much better! Also, we have started to drive home and actually update and make current the ACW units listing... we will be breaking them up a bit into separate pages for Infantry, Cavalry,
    Artillery and Miscellaneous troops... for each side. I think it will make it MUCH, much more manageable.
  • 9.12.04--Working on main page, also added some more links... yes, I'm a capitalist schwein, but... it helps out, and besides, if I can buy my wife a book once in a while, that ALSO helps out ;-Þ
    BTW, Tim Fensch is going to take a shot at the American Civil War time/area. Now if we could just get someone for 1800-1860, in fact, 1600-1800 needs someone too. Help!! Regardless of whether you work for an online magazine reviewing restaurants or lodgings and cheap hotels across the nation, if you have an interest in writing for and about reenacting and historical events please let me know! If you have time in between reviewing Disney World hotels and the lobster you had yesterday evening we would love to have your help.
  • 8.23.04--Anders Hudson is coming on board to save fix the WWII T/A Now perhaps we can get some momentum going again. And he knows how to DO webwork AND is a graphic artist... ;-)
  • 21.8-14.04--Updated some of the WWI Bookstore pages, added more books. Rooted out some more evil errors.
  • 7.13-14.04--Redid Ancient Periods T/A. Cleaned up, revamped, updated. Still much to do, but were working on it now. Just wish I could get all the stuff done that's needed... ;-(
  • 7.04.03--Added Movie Work page and Also Matt Amt's How to Start a Living Hostory Group/Unit article. Also, re-did a lot of the miscellaneous pages (including this one) and set them up with a new template for ease of reading and to make them more consistant--hope you like it..
  • 4.28.03--Again, along time to update this page (not the site, mind you, just this page) Redid the WWI Photo Gallerie and added a lot of pix that were sitting on my hard drive.
  • 9.03.02--Again, along time to update this, but when you're busy... the WWI T/A is back under me again again. I have update dit and am working hard to get all link s up to speed. Booklists will be getting much better too. Look for this in all areas.
  • 5.14.02--Okay, I'm bad... I haven't opened this and modified it in in over two years, Oooooh real bad! I really AM trying to get someone to maintain jsut this page. Hope it works out! In the mean time, we have SO much new stuff that I will just give a brief overview. Since this has been updated, we have a new T/A webmaster for Civil War, Steve Bennett (yaaaaay!), for the Ancient Periods we have Steve Campbell (yaaaaay!), the 1600-1800 Period is now being run by Linda Taggert (yaaaaay!), And Kellie Hendley has taken over the Frontier Period and made it shine (yaaaaay!)--Last, but certainly NOT least Derek Webb is now doing most of the WWII section (yaaaaay!). Soon (I hope), we will have a new WWI T/A webmaster... Some of the older Webmasters have left due to time constraints (Mike Dunn, Pat Sanchez and Adam Davis) and I want to thank them heartily for their help. Others just never came through... ;-( promises are sometimes not worth much from friends. Anyway... let's hope I can succeed in getting a good person just to run this page, that will help a lot.
  • 4.12.00--Made a Site Listing Form for those who wish us to link to their site. I beleive it will help us by saving US time in that we will not have to go to the site and dig out the info! And YES, I have been lax in doing site work--real life is messing me up ;-( My goal is to get it back on track! [Didn't happen... at least on this page ;-( ]
  • 11.09.00--Did a lot of debugging on the WWII section. Damn, I hope I got it fixed! It's annoying when you do all the pages and keep finding bugs. My hope is to start adding all the link updates I have real soon. Speaking of which, I added Andy Zappone's pix to the Admin page.
  • 15.07.00--Updated and added a lot of stuff. Mainly on the WWI T/A. FINALLY finished Mike Gonzales' article on making a Felt Pickelhaube. Also went ahead and made a whole page dedicated to the "Morsels of Authenticity"--so far only for WWI, but a neat feature I would like to expand. Since it's there, I added some other neat articles I had laying around. I am sure I am forgetting something. Oh yeah, also updated the WWI Sutler's Page AGAIN!
  • 14.07.00--Okay, here we go, lots to do as my wife is outta town and I have nothing else for a few. Today I have updated the WWII Sutlers Page a bit. Also posted the "new" American Civil War Main (and in acuality, added all of it's child pages, but Tim Fensch has not filled them yet  And never did, 'tis why he got fired--the first one to ever be fired from reenactor.Net)--time for this beast to awaken! Updated the Colonial Main a bit, along with Rev War Main and F&I Main too--mainly showing Frank James as the new T/A webmaster there [This was a major mistake... promises promises--I KNEW better. My Bad!]. Last, I tweaked the Admin page, especially where you can see pix of some of our staff--hope to have all of us up soon.
  • 14.06.00--Updated Frontier Page, Ancient Main page. Also added new Greek Page to Ancient Periods. Last, updated the News page a bit. As one could well imagine, there is still much to be done...
  • 07.04.00--1870-1900 T/A page, is updated!! Check it!
  • 21.02.00--Korea/NAM T/A updates:, Added some new Units (US and NVA).
  • 18.02.00--New Award:, Reenactor.Net has received a new Award!
  • 22.12.99--Korea/NAM T/A updates:, Added a mailing list for those who reenact the War in Vietnam (both sides). JOIN IT!!!
  • 18.12.99--Korea/NAM T/A updates:, Added a new Korean War reenactment Unit.
  • 27.9.99--WWII T/A heavy update, especially on the Axis pages. More Allied stuff to come! If not, bug me about it!
  • 22.08.99--Morsel of Authenticity article added to WWI Section.
  • 02.07.99--Kender updates Middle Ages T/A!! Many new links (especially since we have never had anything there before) and things to see. More will come with your help!
  • 19.06.99--Bill Bethke takes over the Dynamic Calendar. Please send him any info you have on upcoming events for posting on the calendar. Good Luck Bill, and welcome!
  • 19.06.99--1865-1900 T/A HEAVILY updated. Added many pages and links, alsong with a reading list, etc.
  • 17.06.99--Updated the WWII Pages. Are they complete? Hell no! People keep moving their sites ;-( But we'll get 'em and of course it doesn't help that it takes ME a while to do my updates ;-( Anyway, go see what we have there. For Axis, I remember the LSSAH site has moved and is all spiffy now. The Allies have a whole spate of new sites to look at (mostly Brits) and the CHG has moved, so we fixed their link (actually, think I fixed it back when they told me and then, being forgetfull, spaced it and to upload it). There are more, I just don't remember them.
  • 10.06.99--We did some work on the WWI section, breaking it apart into sections--look for there to be much more here soon!
  • 10.06.99--Started Admin page and also added a Link Info page so you may see how to get a link to your website on reenactor.Net.
  • 08.05.99--Added info about and links to, weather forcasting sites on the 'Net.
  • 05.04.99--Added Great War Reenactor List.
  • 27.03.99--Posted article on German Rank in WWII go give it a look and see it expained for the new Rekrut!
  • 08.02.99--Red Army Reenactor's Mailing List goes active! Created for the benefit of all Red Army reenactor's, this forum will allow them to contact one another and freely exchange ideas, event info and sources.
  • 03.02.99--Max Popov takes over the Korea/Vietnam T/A and we now have Vietnam links--look to see much more here! Max is from the Ukraine and has a reenacting group there.
  • 30.12.98--The Colonial Period T/A--Added separate Rev War and F&I Pages. We now have a bunch of stuff in Rev War: Unit Links (both Brit and Ami), Parent Organiztions, and received a nasty-gram telling us we're INELIGIBLE
    (?!--Waugh, what crap!) for the Crown Forces web ring.
  • 27.12.98--Napoleonic Units Link Page.
  • 27.12.98--1800-1865 Page--more links.
  • 27.12.98--1870-1900 page--Links added.
  • 26.12.98--WWII Axis Units page--Added links and joined Deutsche Reenactmentgruppen web ring.
  • 26.12.98--WWII Allied Units page--Added links and joined Allied Reenactor web ring.
  • 26.12.98--Frontier Period--Joined Mountain Man web ring.
  • 26.12.98--The Colonial Period page--Added links and joined Crown Forces web ring (which turns out to be run by a real wanker!).
  • 23.12.98--WWII Main page--Joined WWII web ring.

This har' page is updated a lot... well it used ta be! Last updated: Tuesday, June 04, 2013 ;-Þ
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