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Although often referred to as "mercenaries," the German troops in the Revolutionary War were instead loaned by their respective princes in exchange mainly for their upkeep.


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Regiment von Riedesel portrays musketeers from Braunschweig who served in General Riedesel's Leibkompanie during the American Revolution.
The 2nd Company, Hesse-Kassel Jäger Korps re-enactment group was founded in 1995 as an educational non-profit organization organized to help educate and provide information to the public about the Jägers and life in the 1770 - 1780's. The primary focus of the unit is on the actions of the 2nd Company of the Hesse-Kassel Jäger Korps during the American Revolutionary War. Membership of the unit comes from throughout the southeast and primarily attend events of the Southern Campaign of 1780 and 1781. The group is open to any and all provided they have a deep interest in history and a desire to share their knowledge.

Ysenburg Musketeer Regiment von Donop [BAR, BBG]--Infanterie Regiment von Donop (or just 'IR von Donop' for short) is a living history re-enactment group that recreates the life and times of typical Hessian soldiers that served in North America during the American War of Independence (1776-1783). Hessen-Kassel was one of Seven German states that hired out troops to Great Britain in that war. The members IR von Donop are centered roughly around the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, although members hail from New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and even further. We re-enact several battles of the American War of Independence each year and visit other Revolutionary War events held in the Mid-Atlantic states.

Infanterie Regiment von Donop has participated in the Arts and Entertainment Network's 'Revolution', The Learning Channel's 'The Revolutionary War' and the Public Broadcasting System's series 'Liberty' . In 1995, 1997 and 1999 several members of von Donop traveled to Germany and participated in several historical re-enactment events in Hesse.

Braunschweig Regt. von Riedesel (USA) [NWTA]--We are a group of re-enactors from the American Midwest who recreate the Brunswick Regiment Von Riedesel in order to help research and educate the public about the American Revolution.
 Brunswick Light Infantry Batl. "von Barner" (Canada, Germany) [NBMAMH]--The goal of our organization and web-site is to show the important role the Brunswick soldiers played in North-American history. Please join our organization and our re-enactment unit. We need you! The Duke wants you.

We need a few good men for our Jäger company in Brunswick, Germany, or our companies in Quebec and in Ontario. Please help us portray an important part of Canadian history. Your comments are welcome.

The Commemorative Unit.

This commemorative unit was created in 1985. His Royal Highness, Ernst August, Duke of Cumber-land, Prince of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg, gave us permission to reform the old Brunswick Light Infantry Battalion "von Barner".

It is a great honour for our group that His Royal Highness is the patron of our regiment and museum. Mister Christoph von Barner is our Honorary Colonel. His ancestor was the commander of the original Battalion.

We are very honoured that Mr. Kraft Riedesel Baron zu Eisenbach took a major interest in our project. He is the honorary Major of our unit. It was General Riedesel who 200 years ago brought the first Christmas tree to Canada. He was also the commander of all German troops who defended Canada.

We are very fortunate that we could interest the following German army units in our project. In Brunswick it is the 24. Tank Battalion, in Hildesheim the 2.Panzergrenadierbrigade and in Hanover the 1.Panzerdivision. This is a great honour for our unit.

It is our goal to show the modern German army that history is still alive and the deeds of the Brunswick troops are not forgotten. Without the support of the Inspectors of the Army it would have been impossible for us to participate at various shows in Germany.

 Das hochfürstlich hessen-kasselische Feld-Jäger-Corps [Deutschland] -- The German word Jäger in English means hunter, in French chasseur. The Jäger Corps of the landgrave of Hesse-Cassel is the link between the professional hunter and the soldier. The Jäger-unit of Hesse-Cassel is most probably the oldest military Jäger unit in the German states of the period. It´s existence is first documented in papers as old as 1631, when Wilhelm V. was Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel. The professional hunters and foresters of the landgrave (hunting was a privilege of the souvereign; there were no private hunters) where well suited to serve as sharpshooters, messengers, scouts and commando soldiers outside the common order of battle.
Feldjäger Corps (USA) [BAR]--The Feldjaeger Corps is an authentic, recreated unit from the American Revolutionary War period, 1776- 1783. It is a participating unit in both the Brigade of the American Revolution and the British Brigade. These organizations are national historic associations dedicated to recreating the life and times of the common soldier of the American War of Independence.

The British employed large numbers of German soldiers ("Hessians") during the American Revolution. The use of foreign troops provided the British with a ready source of well-trained and equipped troops. This relieved the British of the burden of raising an army in England. Foremost in demand were the German Jaegers. They were the European counterpart of the American riflemen. Jaegers were well-trained and disciplined soldiers, excellent marksmen, woodsmen, reliable and very capable of independent action.

The purpose of the Feldjaeger Corps is to present an accurate representation of what the life of the Jaeger was like and to reenact the events of the period. To achieve this aim, members have equipped themselves with accurate copies of the uniform and accoutrements used by the Jaegers. The Feldjaeger -Corps participates in encampments, reenactments, historical demonstrations and any function, which may serve an educational or historical purpose.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in American Revolutionary War history or an interest in reenacting in general. The outfitting of the Man-At-Arms is an expensive undertaking. We encourage members to join and obtain the uniform and equipment as they can afford them.

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