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We are a living history group composed of men, women and children who are dedicated to educating ourselves and the public about life during the Revolutionary War era (1770s and 1780s). We try to recreate life in the 18th Century as faithfully as possible by using our diversified talents to retrace the steps of American colonists and their French allies. In our activities, we portray two distinct historical groups: the 85ème Régiment de Saintonge of the French Line and the 4th Middlesex Militia of Massachusetts. As a group, our priorities are safety, providing appropriate and enjoyable roles for the whole family, and maintaining the authenticity of our portrayal. If you have an interest in the early history of the United States or 18th century military history, we offer you an outlet for your creative historical energies.
This group has been created to honor those who, on behalf of the Bavarian king Ludwig III during 1.WK 1914/18 were killed, wounded or were impaired. To these men our recreation of 1. Kompagnie, 110. IR is dedicated! Be glorified their names!

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